Conservation Plan definition

Conservation Plan means a document that outlines how a project site will be managed using best management practices to avoid potential negative environmental impacts.
Conservation Plan means a customized document that outlines the use and best management practices of the natural resources on a parcel of land.
Conservation Plan means the Migratory Sharks Conservation Plan to be adopted under this Memorandum of Understanding;

Examples of Conservation Plan in a sentence

  • Horticulture Building Conservation Plan, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Ontario prepared by Commonwealth Historic Management Limited as approved on March 19, 2012.

More Definitions of Conservation Plan

Conservation Plan means a plan approved by the department for all or a portion of a parcel of land that specifies the conservation practices to be undertaken and includes a schedule for implementation.
Conservation Plan means a document that details how to identify and look after the significant cultural values of a place. Its preparation involves a systematic way of considering, recording and monitoring actions and decisions relating to all aspects of managing a place. The Heritage Council of WA provides guidelines for the preparation of Conservation Plans to ensure that all important matters are considered.
Conservation Plan means the record of decisions approved by a conservation district for applying and maintaining soil and water conservation practices on the land.
Conservation Plan means a plan incorporated into an agreement for the carrying out of one or more capital activities within a specified period;
Conservation Plan means a written plan documenting the applicant's decisions concerning land use, and both cost shared and non-cost shared BMPs to be installed and maintained on the management unit.
Conservation Plan means the 1996 Energy Management Services Plan of the City
Conservation Plan means the work on the Property as described in the chart and the Heritage Conservation Plan for the Kerr/Bronfman residence attached as Schedule “A” and as determined by the Director to be eligible conservation plan items for consideration pursuant to the City’s Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program;