Consultancy Services definition

Consultancy Services means the Consultancy Services described in Schedule A;
Consultancy Services means Consultancy Services/Works to be executed in accordance with the contract.
Consultancy Services. (see Part H) means a contractor who provides specialist advice to the Council. This does not cover training providers.

Examples of Consultancy Services in a sentence

SECTION - III: DATA SHEET DATA SHEET SECTION – IV: TECHNICAL BID STANDARD FORMS FORM 4A: Letter of Bid(To be submitted in Bidders Letter head) To, Director (NER)IWAI, A-13, Sector -1,Gautam Buddha Nagar NOIDA - 201301, U.P. Sub: Consultancy Services for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for development of Longmatra to Avankhu stretch of Tizu & Zungki Rivers (NW – 101) to facilitate inland water transportation in the state of Nagaland Dear Sir, 1.

We are pleased to issue this Letter of Intent to you for Appointment of Consultant for Comprehensive Consultancy Services for Establishment of Automated Banknote Processing Centre (ABPC) as per the scope of work, time schedule, contract price, terms of payment, etc.

The Procuring Entity now invites bids to provide the following Consulting Services: Professional Consultancy Services for the Microplastic Assessment along Bathing Beaches in Cavite.

Under a Consultancy Services Agreement, Better Capital (Dublin) Limited provides certain research and information-gathering, accounting support and administrative consultancy services to enable the Fund II GP to meet its obligations in respect of the joint venture.

Bidders can procure this certificate from any of the Government approved certifying agency i.e., Consultancy Services.

More Definitions of Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services or “ Services” means all of those services to be provided by the Consultant to the RLDA in accordance with this Agreement and as set out in Terms of Reference(Annexure-1) of the RFP and shall include all works incidental thereto.
Consultancy Services means services provided by Consultants;
Consultancy Services means those services, tasks and objectives
Consultancy Services means the consultancy services more particularly detailed on the Order Form (as modified or substituted by the Company from time to time) to be provided hereunder by the Company to the Customer;
Consultancy Services. (see Part H) means a contract to provide specialist advice or support to the Council. This does not cover training providers.
Consultancy Services. - means the services for which the Authority has engaged the Consultant to provide in connection with the Scope of Work attached to this Agreement and any other work undertaken under this Agreement.;
Consultancy Services means services of an intellectual or advisory nature, not incidental to the provision of goods or services or the execution of works, such as reports, drawings or designs including engineering designs, supervision, accountancy, auditing, financial services, procurement services, training and capacity building services, management advice, policy studies and advice, assistance with institutional reforms and software development;