Consultancy Services definition

Consultancy Services means the Consultancy Services described in Schedule A;
Consultancy Services means Consultancy Services/Works to be executed in accordance with the contract.
Consultancy Services or “Service(s)” means all services, scope of work and deliverables to be provided by the Consultant/ Service Provider as described herein the Agreement.

Examples of Consultancy Services in a sentence

  • For <Client> Name & Designation of Approver Client Authorized SPOC Signature of Approver Date <Date of approval> For Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

  • Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has awarded the General Consultancy Services to the EMBYE Consortium, composed of EGIS RAIL, AECOM Asia (previously known as Maunsell AECOM), YEC, BARSYL and EGIS India.

  • Any Consultancy Services shall be as agreed in an Order or otherwise pursuant to this Agreement and charged at the Day Rates unless otherwise expressly agreed in such Order.

  • All notices, requests, demands and other communications under this agreement or in connection herewith shall be given to or made upon the respective parties as follows To TCS: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

  • TCS House, Raveline Street, Fort, Mumbai – 400001 With a copy to: General Counsel - Legal Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

More Definitions of Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services means services provided by Consultants;
Consultancy Services. (see Part H) means a contract to provide specialist advice or support to the Council. This does not cover training providers.
Consultancy Services means services of an intellectual or advisory nature, not incidental to the provision of goods or services or the execution of works;
Consultancy Services means the services to be rendered by us to you of a consultancy nature, including, without limitation, risk management services, actuarial services, and healthcare services.
Consultancy Services. (see Part G) means a contractor who provides specialist advice to the Council. This does not cover training providers.
Consultancy Services or “ Services” means all of those services to be provided by the Consultant to the RLDA in accordance with this Agreement and as set out in Terms of Reference(Annexure-1) of the RFP and shall include all works incidental thereto.
Consultancy Services means services requiring adequate technical expertise and financial capability in undertaking specific assignment or project and may be of an intellectual nature and differ from the other types of services directly connected with the procurement of goods and works in which the physical component of the activity