Hospital services definition

Hospital services means the clinical services provided by the Hospital and the operational activities that support those clinical services, that are funded in whole or in part by the LHIN, and includes the type, volume, frequency and availability of Hospital Services; HSAA Indicator Technical Specifications means the document entitled “HSAA Indicator Technical Specifications” as it may be amended or replaced from time to time;

Examples of Hospital services in a sentence

  • Hospital services not covered by any federal, provincial government or private health care plan.

  • Hospital services are delivered by 10 hospital networks, based on the former regional board areas – these networks are accountable to the HSE National Hospitals Office (NHO) (Bidgood, 2013).

  • Coverage is provided for daily Hospital room and board, miscellaneous Hospital services, surgical services, anesthesia services, In-Hospital medical services, and Out-of-Hospital care, subject to any Deductibles, Copayment provisions, or other limitations which may be set forth in the Policy.

More Definitions of Hospital services

Hospital services means medical or social services pro- vided by a hospital and includes day care, hospice care and outpa- tient treatment.
Hospital services means the same as in A.A.C. R9-10-201.
Hospital services means Medically Necessary acute and sub-acute care inpatient and hospital outpatient services and supplies which are both (a) covered by a Benefit Agreement, and (b) ordered or authorized by a PARTICIPATING MEDICAL GROUP Physician. Hospital Services do not include long-term non-acute care.
Hospital services means services typically provided only in a hospital as defined in s. 50.33 (2), Stats.
Hospital services means services and supplies provided by hospitals within the scope of their practice as de- fined by State law.
Hospital services means those inpatient and outpatient services that are generally and customarily provided by hospitals.
Hospital services means all or any of the following services, namely—