Definition of Pre-Closing Distributions

Pre-Closing Distributions means the payments to R. Frank Lukens, Jerry Decker, Shawn Christopher Lukens and Kristy Lynn Thacker.
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Pre-Closing Distributions means the restructuring transactions described on Schedule 9.01(f).
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Examples of Pre-Closing Distributions in a sentence

Prior to the Closing Date, the Company shall in good faith prepare, with the assistance of the Buyer, an estimated balance sheet for each Affiliated Property Owner and Acquired Company as of the Closing Date after taking into account the Pre-Closing Distributions (the "Estimated Closing Date Balance Sheets").
Prior to the Closing, WinDoor shall have made the Pre-Closing Distributions.
On or before ten (10) calendar days after Closing, Teekay Offshore shall deliver to THL a statement showing all Pre-Closing Distributions, along with a written request to reduce the Cash Portion by 49.0% of the aggregate sum of Pre-Closing Distributions (the Adjustment Amount).
Pre-Closing Distributions shall have occurred in accordance with Section 2.8 hereof.
During the period that any challenge to the calculation of Pre-Closing Net Income or Pre-Closing Distributions is pending, distributions to Buyer by the Company of any amount in dispute shall be withheld by the Company and paid to Buyer or Seller, as appropriate, only upon final determination of the amount of Pre-Closing Net Income or Pre-Closing Distributions.