Cash Distributions definition

Cash Distributions means, with respect to any Person for any period, all dividends and other distributions on any of the outstanding Equity Interests in such Person, all purchases, redemptions, retirements, defeasances or other acquisitions of any of the outstanding Equity Interests in such Person and all returns of capital to the stockholders, partners or members (or the equivalent persons) of such Person, in each case to the extent paid in cash by or on behalf of such Person during such period.

Examples of Cash Distributions in a sentence

  • The maximum amount a party may seek during mediation or be awarded by an arbitrator is the amount equal to the party’s Unreturned Capital Contributions and any Cash Distributions or interest to which the party may be entitled.

  • Subject to the use of any necessary Revenues, Cash Distributions from Cash Flow shall be in the priority of payments required by Title 11 and as demonstrated in greater detail by the pro forma(s) which shall adjoin the Disclosure Statement to the Plan to be dedicated to this Class of Claims.

  • Section 4.1. Cash Distributions 10 Section 4.2. Distributions Other than Cash, Rights, Preferences or Privileges 11 Section 4.3. Subscription Rights, Preferences or Privileges 11 Section 4.4. Notice of Dividends, etc.; Fixing Record Date for Holders of Receipts 12 Section 4.5. Voting Rights 13 Section 4.6. Changes Affecting Deposited Securities and Reclassifications, Recapitalizations, etc.

  • Based on the distribution policy as defined in Article 35, Paragraph 2 of the Articles of Incorporation, MEL shall make Surplus Cash Distributions (SCD), defined as distributions in excess of retained earnings, as a return of unitholders’ capital, each fiscal period on a continuous basis.

  • The Company may be required to register with the Internal Revenue Service as a "tax shelter." Tax Liability May Exceed Cash Distributions from Operations.

More Definitions of Cash Distributions

Cash Distributions means a Distribution made in cash, but excluding (from time to time, with the consent of Agent) any Distribution made in connection with a redemption pursuant to Article 10 of the BRP Operating Agreement to the extent all cash distributed was contributed to Borrower by BRP Group in accordance with the BRP Operating Agreement.
Cash Distributions means dividends, interest and other payments and distributions made in cash upon or with respect to the Collateral.
Cash Distributions means dividend distributions, payments of interest on capital, capital reductions, amortizations, and redemptions and any other distribution made by the Company to Cannae or THL, other than any Tax Distributions; provided, for the avoidance of doubt, that any amounts received by Cannae or THL as payment for any transaction, loan repayment or other fee shall not be considered as Cash Distributions.
Cash Distributions means dividends and other payments and distributions made upon or with respect to the Pledged Equity Interests in cash.