PARAGRAPH FOUR. The Previous Meeting, in its first calling, shall be installed with the attendance of Contracting Shareholders representing at least fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) share of the totality of the Shares. If the minimum quorum for installation of fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) share of the totality of the Shares is not reached in the first calling, a new Previous Meeting shall be automatically called to be held on the day following the day on which the Previous Meeting should have been held, and, in such case, the Previous Meeting shall be installed with any quorum. PARAGRAPH FIVE – The resolutions of the Contracting Shareholders shall be made through majority of the votes of those attending the Previous Meeting, considering the quantity of Shares held by the attendees. Nevertheless, it shall be understood that, once it is approved, the majority position shall be binding upon all Contracting Shareholders, even if some of them has been absent from the mentioned Previous Meeting, and regardless of the specific vote that was cast at that meeting. PARAGRAPH SIX – Representation shall be admitted at Previous Meetings by an attorney-in-fact, with special powers expressly provided for such purpose, provided that the appointed person is one of the other Contracting Shareholders who are signatory hereof. PARAGRAPH SEVEN – For the purposes of the present Agreement, the Contracting Shareholders agree and undertake to attend all Romi’s general meetings, exercising the right to vote only in the form resolved at the Previous Meeting especially called with the purpose of deciding how the Contracting Shareholders shall exercise their right to vote at the respective general meeting of Romi. PARAGRAPH EIGHT – The Contracting Shareholders, through this instrument, grant powers to the Secretary of the Agreement to, on their behalf and upon the end of each Previous Meeting, delegate powers to one or more attorneys-in-fact, so that, acting in separate, they attend to the general meetings of Romi and vote on behalf of each Contracting Shareholder, as agreed at the Previous Meeting. Such attorney-in-fact shall necessarily be one of the other Contracting Shareholders, one of Romi’s managers or attorney, and the power-of-attorney shall contain the voting orientation and be specific for each act to be practiced, in compliance with the provisions in paragraph one of article 126, law No. 6.404/76.
PARAGRAPH FOUR. The ALLOWED ANNUAL REVENUE – RAP for the period “i” will be added to or subtracted from an Adjustment Installment (AP), corresponding to the difference between the revenue that the TRANSMISSION UTILITY was authorized to bill in the period “i–1”, by means of Credit Notes issued by the ONS or by ANEEL's act, disregarding the reduction provided for in Paragraph Six of this Section, and the PERMITTED ANNUAL REVENUE approved for the period “i–1”. The overall difference obtained in the period “i-1” will be updated by IVIi-1 defined in Paragraph Three of this Section.
PARAGRAPH FOUR. The pledged shares shall confer upon Novelis Inc., described above, sole and exclusive entitlement to the right to vote and to receive dividends on these shares.

Examples of PARAGRAPH FOUR in a sentence

  • In the event that the Contracting Officer instructs Purchaser to delay or suspend operations, and/or modify or terminate the contract because of Litigation, Purchaser shall be entitled to the remedies set forth in the Timber Sale contract, except as provided in Paragraph Four.

  • Parent agrees to assume unconditional responsibility for the full annual tuition and fees and the costs of collection thereof, including reasonable attorney fees unless this contract is timely cancelled as set forth in Paragraph Four.

  • Failure to provide such notice in a timely fashion will result in the University and Program invoking the same reporting consequences set forth in Paragraph Four (4).

  • The utilization of the Total Image of PLAYER in regard to any type of promotion is subject to the prior written approval of PLAYER as hereinafter noted in Paragraph Four (4).

  • PREMISES Full possession of said Premises free of all tenants and occupants, is to be delivered at the time of the delivery of the deed, said Premises to be then (a) in the same condition as they now are, reasonable use and wear thereof excepted, and (b) not in violation of said building and zoning laws, and (c) in compliance with provisions of any instrument referred to in Paragraph Four (4) hereof.

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PARAGRAPH FOUR. The difference between Xxxxx Xxxxxxx in Santa Xxxxx, Palonegro in Bucaramanga, Xxxxxx Xxxx in Cucuta, Los Garzones in Montería, Yariguies in Barrancabermeja, Matecaña in Pereira, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx in Valledupar, Almirante Xxxxxxx in Riohacha and Xxxxxxx Xxxx Airport in Leticia, as well as that of the freight generated by transportation from Facatativá to Leticia, shall be updated according to the annual percentage of variation of the CPI for the period between January and December of the previous year, starting January 1st, 2014. With respect to the fuel supply service at Xxxxxxx Xxxx Airport in Leticia, it shall be subject to COMPANY’S operation kick off at said airport. PARAGRAPH FIVE: When the monthly consumption at Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx in Xxxx, Xxxxxxx Cortizzos in Barranquilla, Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx in Rionegro, and Xxxxxx Xxxxx in Xxxxxxxxx, exceeds the average expected in Annex No. 1 herein, the “MA” difference in fuel shall be established in said Annex No. 1 as part of the entire Agreement.
PARAGRAPH FOUR. In the event of unjustified delay on the payment of invoices not objected in due time by the BUYER, as foreseen in Paragraph Three herein, the BUYER shall pay to the SELLER, as interest rate payable in pesos, the maximum arrears interest rate authorized by the Financial Superintendence during the arrears days effectively elapsed. PLANNING AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT Contract VSM-GPS-053-2012 For purposes of calculating late interests, the amount of dollar invoice(s) in arrears shall be converted first into Colombian pesos, at the market representative exchange rate in force on the date of issuance, as certified by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia. Invoices for interest collection shall be paid by the BUYER thirty (30) calendar days following the receipt thereof by the BUYER. Both the BUYER and the SELLER understand that invoices issued, as well as this Contract shall give right of execution and the BUYER and SELLER expressly waive to the private or legal requisites to be declared in arrears.
PARAGRAPH FOUR. The Mining Operator will determine which payments constitute Capital Investments and which are Operation Costs, for which recourse to the legal criteria established in the Colombian accounting standards.
PARAGRAPH FOUR. The parties agree that after four years from the effective commencement date of lease, rent shall be subject to revision in order to be adjusted to applicable market levels.
PARAGRAPH FOUR. The amounts paid as Mandatory Prepayment, as described in Paragraph One of this Section Twenty-Two, shall be deducted from the next principal installment(s), in accordance with this CCB, always considering, for this purpose, its chronological order.
PARAGRAPH FOUR. Each quota "B" shall have a guaranteed minimum cumulative dividend thereon of R$0.40 (forty cents of a real) per annum, which shall accrue quarterly as adjusted annually for inflation by the variation of the "Indice Geral de Precos - Disponibilidade Interna" (IGP-DI) index or any other index that may come to replace it. Prior to the payment of all accrued guaranteed minimum cumulative dividends in full to the quotas "B", the Company shall not make any other distributions with respect to the quotas. Once all such accrued guaranteed minimum cumulative dividends have been paid on the quotas "B", the Company shall make all subsequent distributions on each quota "A" and quota "B" on an equal basis. In the event the Company is liquidated, the assets shall be used to pay the obligations of the Company and any remaining assets shall be distributed as follows:
PARAGRAPH FOUR. Resolutions of the Board of Directors shall be made by the majority of the votes of its members, in person or through duly appointed attorneys-in-fact.