Definition of Overhead Charge

Overhead Charge means (i) for Paper-Based Products, the product of 5 percent multiplied by the sum of (A) the Direct Acquisition Cost and (B) the Paper Production Margin, and (ii) for Non-Paper Products, the product of 8 percent multiplied by the Direct Acquisition Cost.

Examples of Overhead Charge in a sentence

No. 463-2009, adopted 09/08/09) Overhead Charge means a charge that covers such costs as depreciation of capital asset, rent, maintenance and repair, utilities, and administrative overhead.
This Schedule I defines the manner in which the Overhead Charge is calculated for the purposes of monthly bill calculations pursuant to Section 3.4 of SCHEDULE C.
The Overhead Charge shall be computed at 20% of the Labor Charge associated with a particular Public Information Request.
The amounts computed from the Submeter together with the Overhead Charge, are herein collectively called the "Electricity Additional Rent", and such amounts computed from the Submeter shall be binding and conclusive on Tenant.
The additional rent payable by Tenant pursuant to this subdivision , shall be computed in the same manner as that for computation of Owner's Cost, as applied to the demised premises, plus a fee (the "Overhead Charge") equal to twelve (12%) percent of such charge to Owner, representing administrative/overhead costs to Owner.