Monthly Charge definition

Monthly Charge shall have the meaning set forth in Article 5.
Monthly Charge means the recurring Charges for the relevant Services for the relevant calendar month, net of VAT.
Monthly Charge means any applicable monthly recurring charges associated with the Services which shall be billed by us monthly in advance;

Examples of Monthly Charge in a sentence

  • Monthly Charge – The Contractor will bill the City the following rates per cart per month for the residences specified in Article V.B.5. hereinbelow, for Refuse and Recyclable service (the “Monthly Charge”), in advance, by the 15th of the month.

  • Fuel Recovery Fee – A Fuel Recovery Fee shall be assessed and applied on a per residence/month basis, in addition to the Monthly Charge.

More Definitions of Monthly Charge

Monthly Charge has the meaning given in Section 8.2.1;
Monthly Charge means the aggregate amount payable by the IAA Shipper to IUK each Month as set out in Section F paragraph 4.2 of the IUK Access Code;
Monthly Charge means the monthly charge for the Services set forth in the Order Form (if applicable).
Monthly Charge means the monthly charge for the affected Service(s) as defined in the Agreement.
Monthly Charge means the amount deducted from the Policy Account Value on a monthly basis by Dai-ichi Life Vietnam including the Cost of Insurance and Policy administration Fee.
Monthly Charge means the amount of Charges paid for the first full calendar month (which shall include any amounts invoiced directly to the Recipient by a Third Party Supplier in that month) of the relevant Service giving rise to the claim.
Monthly Charge shall have the meaning set forth in ARTICLE 5. “MRI” shall mean Meter Reading Instrument.