Account Charge definition

Account Charge means, in relation to each of the Charged Accounts, the first priority fixed charge or pledge over all such accounts given or to be given by the relevant account holder thereof in favor of and in form and substance satisfactory to the Security Trustee.
Account Charge means [*] such charge to be in the form and on the terms and conditions agreed between the [*] on the date of the Eighth Supplemental Deed;
Account Charge means the deed of charge referred to in Clause 10.1.4 (Security Documents).

Examples of Account Charge in a sentence

  • Subject to Section 5.15, no Loan Party shall establish or maintain a Deposit Account or a Securities Account that is not subject to a Control Agreement or Account Charge, except for Excluded Accounts.

More Definitions of Account Charge

Account Charge means the single initial set-up charge required to be paid by a Customer for Services in the amount specified in the Standard Fees and Charges Schedule;
Account Charge means a legal charge over a Charged Account entered into or to be entered into by the Counterparty in favour of Irish Water to secure the financial obligations of the Counterparty pursuant to the Agreements;
Account Charge means the account charge relating to the Earnings Account executed or, as the context may require, to be executed by the Borrower in favour of the Facility Security Trustee and the deposit account control agreement between the Borrower, the Account Bank and the Facility Security Trustee.
Account Charge means the charge over account, collateral to this Agreement for the first priority perfected charge of the Earnings Account, as described in Clause 23.14 (Earnings Account), to be made between the Borrower and any Intra-Group Charterer, and the Agent (on behalf of the Finance Parties) as security for the Obligors’ obligations under the Finance Documents, in form and substance satisfactory to the Agent (on behalf of the Finance Parties).
Account Charge means the deed containing, inter alia, a charge in respect of the Operating Account executed or to be executed by the Borrower in favour of the Lender in such form as the Lender may approve or require;
Account Charge means, the account charge in respect of the Collection Account between BHL and the Security Agent.
Account Charge means the deed of charge over the Revenue Account, the Dry Docking Reserve Account, the Retention Account, the Debt Service Reserve Account and the Dividend Lock-up Account in respect of the Vessel, as referred to in clause 8.1.4.