Connection Charge definition

Connection Charge is the sum payable by the Communications Provider in accordance with the Openreach Price List for provisioning of the Service;
Connection Charge means the charge(s) recouped or to be recouped by the Municipality from the Customer for the cost of connecting the Embedded Generator to the Distribution Network, as per the currently applicable official municipal tariffs.
Connection Charge means the once off non-recurring charge payable by the Customer for initial provision and where applicable installation of the Facility.

Examples of Connection Charge in a sentence

  • To the extent that a Connection Charge is payable according to the applicable municipal tariff, the Customer shall not be entitled to connect to the Distribution Network without paying the Connection Charge.

More Definitions of Connection Charge

Connection Charge means the amount due and owing to the City for the installation and construction of a service connection as set out in Schedule "E" to the By-law.
Connection Charge means all nonrecurring costs, whether refundable or nonrefundable, to be paid by the Government to the utility supplier for the required connecting facilities, which are installed, owned, operated, and maintained by the utility supplier (see Termination liability).
Connection Charge means the charge for connecting the Service(s) as detailed in the Price List;
Connection Charge or "charge for connection" means the charge required to be paid to the district for con- nection to the service as opposed to the assessment based upon the benefits derived.
Connection Charge means the actual cost of connecting a property to a public utility system and is limited to the labor, materials, and overhead involved in making connections and installing meters.
Connection Charge means the amount charged to Customers for the installation of a connection from the distribution main to the Customer’s property.
Connection Charge means the payment to the Homeowners Company of a charge for the actual physical connection by the Homeowners Company of a particular use to the water system. The Connection charge is dependent upon the cost of making the actual connection.