Industrial Activity definition

Industrial Activity means the manufacturing, production, assembling, altering, formulating, repairing, renovating, ornamenting, finishing, cleaning, washing, dismantling, transforming, processing, recycling, adapting or servicing of, or the research and development of, any goods, substances, food, products or articles for commercial purposes, and includes any storage or transportation associated with any such activity.
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Industrial Activity means activities subject to NPDES Industrial Permits as defined in 40 CFR, Section 122.26 (b)(14).
Industrial Activity means the facilities classified under SIC Code 2091 or 2092.

Examples of Industrial Activity in a sentence

These resources are popularly known as 5 M's of any Industrial activity i.e. o Men, o Machines, o Materials, o Money and o Management.

Industrial activity is concentrated around agricultural activities.3 Multinational firms developed gold prospecting operations in 1996-1998, and the government projects that Mali will become a major gold exporter in the sub-Saharan region.

Industrial activity is that which is directly related to manufacturing, processing, raw material handling or waste handling.

Growth in overall Industrial activity was far below expectations during the year 2014 as reflected in the development of Index of Industrial Production(IIP).

Industrial activity – means the use of land and buildings for the primary purpose of manufacturing, fabricating, processing, packing, storage, maintenance, or repair of goods, but does not include home occupations.

More Definitions of Industrial Activity

Industrial Activity means activities subject to NPDES Industrial Permits as defined in 40 CFR, Section 122.26 (b) (14).
Industrial Activity means any activity listed below with primary Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes as identified by “Standard Industrial Classification Manual, Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget 1987” or a primary activity described in narrative form below:
Industrial Activity means facilities or those portions of a facility where the primary purpose is classified as:
Industrial Activity means manufacturing, electricity, gas and water supply, post and telecommunications, software publishing, consultancy and supply, data processing, database activities and distribution of electronic content, other computer related activities, Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering, Business and management consultancy activities and Architectural, engineering and other technical activities.
Industrial Activity means activities subject to WPDES Industrial Permits.
Industrial Activity means activity associated with mineral mining facilities generally identified by SIC Major Group 14 including active or inactive mining operations that discharge storm water that has come into contact with any overburden, raw material, intermediate products, finished products, by- products or waste products located on the site of such operations. (Inactive mining operations are mining sites that are not being actively mined, but which have an identifiable owner/operator; inactive mining sites do not include sites where mining claims are being maintained prior to disturbances associated with the extraction, beneficiation, or processing of mined materials, nor sites where minimal activities are undertaken for the sole purpose of maintaining a mining claim.) Industrial activity also includes facilities classified under other SIC codes that may be colocated within the mineral mine permit area, unless they are expressly excluded by this general permit.
Industrial Activity means activities subject to NPDES Industrial Permits as defined in 40 CFR, § 122.26 (b)(14).