Buildings definition

Buildings means any and all buildings, structures, garages, utility sheds, workrooms, air conditioning towers, open parking areas and other improvements, and any and all additions, alterations, betterments or appurtenances thereto, now or at any time hereafter situated, placed or constructed upon the Land or any part thereof.
Buildings means , and BHK Apartments having One Block of Apartments a total of apartments of different types in G+ storied Block including such other constructions and/or structures, as may be constructed on the Premises by the Builder from time to time.
Buildings means the buildings and improvements constituting that certain hotel more particularly described on Schedule 1 attached hereto and made a part hereof which is located on the Site.

Examples of Buildings in a sentence

  • The Project Manager will be the State’s representative authorized to communicate the State’s position and directions related to all contract work and to coordinate all change orders with the Commissioner of Buildings and General Services as deemed necessary.

  • The State of Vermont, by and through the Department of Buildings and General Services is the entity identified as “State” in the State-Contractor Agreement and is referred to throughout the Contract Documents as the “State”.

  • The State specifically reserves the right upon written notice to immediately terminate the contract or any portion thereof at no additional cost to the State, providing, in the opinion of its Commissioner of Buildings and General Services, the products supplied by Contractor are not satisfactory or are not consistent with the terms of this Contract.

  • For construction of Buildings /drains/canals/channels/bridges and culverts etc., rates should be quoted inclusive of de-watering and pumping out any type of water encountered during execution.

  • Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.This topic will be implemented under the PPP on Energy-efficient Buildings.

More Definitions of Buildings

Buildings means facilities, other than containers, giving shelter to humans, animals or objects, which either are permanently fixed to the ground or can only be transported by the help of special equipment whilst having a surface floor space of at least 20m2 on one or several levels;
Buildings means buildings of a Private Dwelling House at the premises and includes:
Buildings means the buildings situated on your Property at the date of this Deed of Hypothec or to be erected on the Property subsequently and all improvements to such buildings.
Buildings the building or buildings and any other improvements to be erected on the Property in accordance with the Building Plans;
Buildings means all buildings, fixtures, structures and improvements (including without limitation stand-alone automated teller machines or similar devices) used by a Person or an Affiliate and located on the Person’s Real Estate.
Buildings means a house, out-++house flats, block of flats, latrine, privy, verandah, fixed platform, plinth, shed, hut or other roofed structure whether masonry, brick, wood, mud, metal or other material, and any part thereof, and includes a wall (other than a boundary wall not exceeding eight feet in height and not abutting on a street) but does not include a tent or other portable and temporary shelter which does not have any foundation.
Buildings means with respect to each parcel of Real Estate, all of the buildings, structures and improvements now or hereafter located thereon.