Vacant building definition

Vacant building means a building that has been vacant and
Vacant building means any building or accessory building that is or appears to be vacant, partially vacant, or unoccupied, or that, by reason of its unfinished or dilapidated condition, is open to the elements and in a state that there is little to no control over unauthorized entry, but does not include:

Examples of Vacant building in a sentence

  • Gray, Aaron DBA Gray Tree Trimming & Removal, 192 Amy Ave., Russell, KS ElectricalFatboy Electric, Inc., 11515 Hickman Mills Dr., Kansas City, MOUNFINISHED BUSINESS1) Water Distribution Backhoe / LoaderNEW BUSINESS1) Determination Regarding Vacant Building Appeal - 930 N.

  • Note and implement the information in this report and the associated statement at Appendix 1 relating to the current position following national changes to the threshold for affordable housing and tariff style planning obligations and the re-introduction of the Vacant Building credit; and the implications of this for the South Worcestershire Development Plan (notably Policies SWDP7, SWDP15 and SWDP39).

  • The Vacant Building Credit (VBC) does not apply where the building has been abandoned.

  • The Planning Policy Team Leader presented a report on dealing with the Government’s recent changes to the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) on Vacant Building Credit, thresholds for Affordable Housing, Developer Contributions and Tariff style Infrastructure charges.

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Vacant building means any structure that is unoccupied. A vacant building is subject to the provisions of Chapter 1395 of these Codified Ordinances.
Vacant building means a habitable building unoccupied by the Property Owner or tenants for a period longer than 60 days.
Vacant building means a building, excluding government-owned buildings, which is:
Vacant building means real property with one or more structures, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, that is/are unoccupied or occupied by unauthorized persons. In the case of a multi-unit structure or complex, “vacant” shall mean when any one unit is unoccupied or occupied by unauthorized persons.
Vacant building or “vacant” shall mean a building which is without a resident or occupant or which is not being put to a lawful commercial or industrial use.
Vacant building means a habit- able structure that has been vacant for more than one year.(b) The following abbreviations are used throughout this part:(1) CDBG—Community Development Block Grant;(2) CEQCouncil on Environmental Quality;(3) EA—Environmental Assessment;(4) EISEnvironmental Impact Statement;(5) EPA—Environmental Protection Agency;(6) ERREnvironmental Review Record;(7) FONSIFinding of No Significant Impact;(8) HUDDepartment of Housing and Urban Development;(9) NAHA—Cranston-Gonzalez Na- tional Affordable Housing Act of 1990;(10) NEPANational Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as amended;
Vacant building means a habitable structure that has been vacant for more than one year. (b) The following abbreviations are used throughout this part: (1) CDBGCommunity Development Block Grant; (2) CEQCouncil on Environmental Quality; (3) EA—Environmental Assessment;