Principal building definition

Principal building means the main building or structure on a single lot or parcel of land and includes any attached garage or attached porch.
Principal building means a building in which is conducted the main or principal use of the site on which it is erected;
Principal building means a building which:

Examples of Principal building in a sentence

  • Buildings over three storeys should be subject to step-backs and/or angular plane requirements to minimize the visual impact of tall buildings.3. The height of the proposed buildings should be similar to the height of adjacent buildings, with the aim of creating a harmonious roofline, minimizing large variations in building height and creating transitions in building height.4. Principal building entrances should face the street/sidewalk.

More Definitions of Principal building

Principal building means a building, or portion of a building, or structure the use or intended use of which is the main use being made of the site upon which such principal building is located.
Principal building means the main building on any lot or subdivision thereof.
Principal building means the building in which the principal use of the lot on which the building is located is conducted.
Principal building. - means a building which, in the opinion of the Development Authority,
Principal building means a Building or Structure accommodating the Principal Use of a Parcel.
Principal building means the dwelling described in SECTION IProperty Coverages, Coverage A – Dwelling of the policy.
Principal building means the principal structure on a lot built for the support, shelter, protection or enclosure of any persons, animals or property of any kind, excluding an accessory building. The principal building shall conform to the stated uses within the zoning district and all other restrictions of this title.