Motel definition

Motel means premises used to accommodate patrons in a manner similar to a hotel but in which specific provision is made for the accommodation of patrons with motor vehicles and may comprise premises licensed under the Liquor Licensing Act 1988;
Motel means a development where members of the travelling public are lodged for brief periods of time, normally not exceeding seven (7) days, in rentable units, and where access to each of the rentable units is individually available from grade, either at grade or via stairways. A motel may include eating and drinking establishments and convenience retail stores, but shall not include an establishment where there is a dance floor;
Motel as used in this section means a transient accommodation

Examples of Motel in a sentence

  • The Contractor warrants it is and shall remain in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws, regulations, codes and ordinances relating to fire, construction, building, health, food service and safety, including but not limited to the Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990, Public Law 101-391.

  • The Tour group will maintain the Tour schedule according to the daily itinerary, & if you are forced to drop behind for some reason, hopefully you will be able to catch up with the group during the evening at that nights Base Motel.

  • Flights should be scheduled to: a) arrive early enough on the first Saturday of the tour (being mindful of the 1 hour time change), to allow plenty of time to get from the airport & taking a cab the 4.4 miles (10 minutes) to Eagle Rider, the motorcycle rental location, spend the necessary time getting processed, & ride the new rental to the Motel prior to 5:30 PM.

  • There is a Mobil Station just down the street from the Willowbrook Motel.

  • You may be able to recoup your lodging fee from the Motel in this situation that we would miss.

More Definitions of Motel

Motel means a commercial building (or buildings) providing lodging for ten or more persons on a transient basis. Cooking facilities may be installed. Motels shall be designed to accommodate the automobile tourist or transient; daily maid service shall be provided, and parking facilities must be provided convenient to each guest room.
Motel means a building occupied in whole or in part as a temporary lodging place for an individual and for which there is an exit for any room or suite of rooms directly to the outdoors with access to ground level.
Motel means a place of lodging that at any one time will
Motel means a building containing units which are used as individual sleeping units having their own private toilet facilities and sometimes their own kitchen facilities, designed primarily for the accommodation of transient automobile travelers. Accommodations for trailers are not included.
Motel or "motor hotel" means a series of attached, semi-attached or detached sleeping or living units, for the accommodation of automobile transient guests, such units having convenient access to off-street parking spaces, for the exclusive use of guests or the occupants.
Motel means a building or series of buildings in which lodging only is offered for compensation and which may have more than five sleeping rooms or units for this purpose and which is distinguished from a hotel primarily by reason of providing direct independent access to and adjoining parking for each rental unit designed primarily for automobile tourists and transient persons. The term includes auto courts, tourist courts, tourist homes and motor lodges.
Motel means a tourist establishment containing therein 5 or more guest rooms, each guest room having a separate entrance directly from outside the building. Accessory uses may include accommodation for staff and one or more beverage rooms, dining rooms, meeting rooms or similar uses. (d) Rental cottage: