Bakery definition

Bakery means an establishment or any part of an establishment that manufactures or prepares bread or bread products, pies, cakes, cookies, crackers, doughnuts, or other similar products, or candy, whether plain; chocolate or chocolate coated; mixed with nuts, fruits, or other fillers; covered with chocolate or other coating; and shaped, molded, or formed in various shapes. The term does not include food service establishments nor home cake decorators.
Bakery means [Name of Bakery], an individually-owned business legally established and validly existing in China, whose operator is [Name of Pledgor], and registered address is [Address of Bakery], the unified social code is [Unified Social Code of Store].
Bakery means a building for producing, mixing, compounding or baking bread, biscuits, cakes or other baked products.

Examples of Bakery in a sentence

  • It is understood that if the process changes and the xxxxx is not baking from scratch more than 50% of their time over a 3 month period, they will be reclassified as a Bakery Clerk.

  • The length of previous experience in the Bakery Industry shall be credited to new employees for the purpose of determining their proper wage scale, provided no more than twelve (12) months out of the Industry have elapsed.

  • Manger Assistant Night Manager Receiver (Days) BAKERY DEPARTMENT Assistant Bakery Dept.

  • Bakery Manager (hired after July 9, 2015) $21.53 $21.63 $22.03 $22.43 $22.83 $23.23 Asst.

  • The following classifications shall be considered as salaried employees: Grocery Manager, Customer Service Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Produce Manager, Meat Manager, Bakery Manager, HMR Manager, Deli Manager, Dairy/Frozen Manager, Night Crew Manager, Natural Value Manager, Bookkeeper, Seafood Manager, Floral Manager, PC Express Manager, Photolab Manager, Holy Smokes Manager, Bean Roast Manager, HBC Manager, DSTM Manager and Flow Manager.

More Definitions of Bakery

Bakery means a building used for baking food as well as the “retail” of said food;
Bakery means a place where bread, cake, buns, biscuits or any other kind of sweets are manufactured and it shall also include any place where such food is prepared or where goods are stored for the preparation of such food ;
Bakery means all buildings and parts thereof, cellars and basements, or vehicles used for the manufacture of bakery products intended for sale, in which products flour, flour substitute, flour mixture or potatoes are used in the preparation of the products.
Bakery means any place in which is carried on the process of mixing, compounding, cooking, baking, or manufacturing any bakery product. A bakery is a food establishment that exclusively prepares bakery items for immediate service on the premises, directly to a consumer and/or for resale or redistribution by a retail food establishment.
Bakery means any place, premises or establishment other than a home food manufacturing establishment regulated by the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, where any bakery product is regularly prepared, processed or manufactured for sale other than for consumption on the premises where originally prepared, processed or manufactured.
Bakery means an establishment or any part of an establishment which that
Bakery means any place where bread, cookies, crackers, pasta, or pies, or any other food