Tournament definition

Tournament means a competition for the playing of Poker, which is restricted to persons who have completed an entry form and have paid the prescribed entry fee;
Tournament means any gathering to which the public has access, whether on payment of a charge for admission or not, and at which two or more persons engage in boxing or wrestling for gain, whether by way of competition, exhibition or otherwise.
Tournament means an event in which teams and representing Unions at any level meet to participate in a Series of Matches in any Format.

Examples of Tournament in a sentence

  • If this rubric is used by a given Appraiser, it should be used throughout the Tournament; if an Appraiser uses another evaluative method, that method and its standards should be employed throughout the Tournament.

  • During a Sevens Tournament, Players may participate, or participating Unions may be scheduled to participate, in several Matches per day.

  • Entrants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of registration to participate in the Tournament.

  • A Judicial Committee and the Head of Integrity (where Rugby Australia has jurisdiction for the relevant Match, Competition or Tournament) has the discretion, if it is considered to be in the interests of the Game to do so, to grant an extension of time for the Citing Commissioner to cite, provided that the extension is considered by the Judicial Committee or the Head of Integrity before the expiry of the original timeframe applicable.

  • This provision does not preclude the imposition of periods of suspension running beyond a Player’s participation in the Tournament.

More Definitions of Tournament

Tournament means any Pacific Open+ tournament, match, game or event.
Tournament means the Rugby World Cup 2019;
Tournament means a soccer competition other than a league, conducted over a limited period of time with specific playing rules, which consists of more than 5 teams, and is organized by a host Member Club.
Tournament means any tournament, match, game or event that is part of an Official Competition.
Tournament means that a group of matches is organised at a single Competition venue in a short time period.
Tournament means a schedule of sanctioned games played amongst three (3) or more Teams, which follows an inter-locking schedule and leads to an eventual winner.