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Airport lounge means a business location:

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  • If a flight had remained on tarmac without taking off, for eleven hours, after boarding was completed, and if permission was refused to send the passengers to the Airport lounge, the Airport and ATC authorities have to be blamed for requiring the passengers to stay on board.

  • Airport lounge access is free for Miles & More World Elite Mastercard card holders.

  • Type D Self-adhering elastomeric butyl tape, 3mm (1/8-inch) by 9mm (3/8-inch), such as "Extru-Seal" by Pecora Corp.

  • Airport lounge access is not valid in conjunction with other third party discounts, privileges, vouchers or any promotional benefits.

  • This attack took place shortly after my Special Representative, together with the UN Special Representative and the IGAD Facilitator for Somalia, had just concluded a meeting with the TFG President at the Airport lounge.

  • Airport lounge access fees and discretionary carbon offset fees (paid by an individual) are not allowable expenses.

  • Airport lounge service is provided by Lounge Key Ltd (the “LoungeKey”).

  • Airport lounge access will be provided, where available, through the Secretariat’s preferred supplier.

  • Your rebate will automatically be applied to your statement Airport lounge access Your Priority Pass membership offers you access to 1,300+ lounges across the globe, giving you 4 complimentary lounge visits per year3, which will apply to your first member and guest visits.

  • As a producer of knowledge, first Abarbanel testifies to the psychologically violent nature of Israel’s border practices and second, she uses her witnessing agency to critique Israel as a fascist state.The second border crossing case involves American Zionist Jeffrey Goldberg who published an article written in the Ben Gurion International Airport lounge.

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Airport lounge means a business location: 1546 (a) at which an alcoholic product is sold at retail for consumption on the premises; and 1547 (b) that is located at an international airport with a United States Customs office on the 1548 premises of the international airport. 1549 (2) "Airport lounge license" means a license issued in accordance with Chapter 5, 1550 Retail License Act, and Chapter 6, Part 5, Airport Lounge License. 1551 (3) "Alcoholic beverage" means the following: 1552 (a) beer; or 1553 (b) liquor. 1554 (4) (a) "Alcoholic product" means a product that: 1555 (i) contains at least .5% of alcohol by volume; and 1556 (ii) is obtained by fermentation, infusion, decoction, brewing, distillation, or other 1557 process that uses liquid or combinations of liquids, whether drinkable or not, to create alcohol 1558 in an amount equal to or greater than .5% of alcohol by volume. 1559 (b) "Alcoholic product" includes an alcoholic beverage. 1560 (c) "Alcoholic product" does not include any of the following common items that 1561 otherwise come within the definition of an alcoholic product: 1562 (i) except as provided in Subsection (4)(d), an extract; 1563 (ii) vinegar; 1564 (iii) cider; 1565 (iv) essence; 1566 (v) tincture; 1567 (vi) food preparation; or 1568 (vii) an over-the-counter medicine. 1569 (d) "Alcoholic product" includes an extract containing alcohol obtained by distillation 1570 when it is used as a flavoring in the manufacturing of an alcoholic product. 1571 (5) "Alcohol training and education seminar" means a seminar that is: 1572 (a) required by Chapter 5, Part 4, Alcohol Training and Education Act; and 1573 (b) described in Section 62A-15-401. 1574 (6) "Banquet" means an event: 1575 (a) that is held at one or more designated locations approved by the commission in or

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