Proforma definition

Proforma means producing a balance sheet that reflects a reasonably accurate financial statement of the Failed bank through the date of closing. The Proforma financial statements serve as a basis for the opening entries of both the Assuming Bank and the Receiver.
Proforma or “Proforma Invoices” shall mean the document despatched from Clean Air to the Customer requiring payment to Clean Air before delivery of the Goods.
Proforma means a proforma appended to these rules.

Examples of Proforma in a sentence

  • Information furnished in the prescribed proforma (Proforma – I) shall be supported by the certificate duly self-attested.

  • The tenderer shall submit details of works executed by them in the Proforma of Appendix-7 of FOT for the works to be considered for qualification of work experience criteria.

  • Any bid not accompanied by Integrity Pact Proforma duly signed (digitally) by the bidder shall be rejected straightway.

  • Survivalist enterprises / Micro-enterprises may request such payments which may be made at the discretion of the Municipality.11.2.4. All deliveries must be accompanied by either a delivery note indicating the correct prices, a Pro-forma invoice or an official invoice in order for the Municipality to execute payment terms in the agreed time.

  • Details of works in hand (Proforma VI-A & VI-B) (original), along with copies of work orders & attested copies of percentage of works completed or part thereof.

More Definitions of Proforma

Proforma or “Proforma Invoices” shall mean the document despatched from APMG to the Customer requiring payment to APMG before delivery of the Goods.
Proforma means forms prescribed under these rules.
Proforma means proforma A, B, and C prescribed under these rules.
Proforma means the proforma to be completed by the Reseller when on boarding Reseller End Users, and sent to GBG in the agreed form as set out in Schedule 2 as amended by GBG from time to time. “Reseller” means the person or entity to be appointed as a Reseller and named on the Order Form. “Reseller Data” any data belonging to a Reseller (which may include Personal Data) provided to Loqate by the Reseller for processing in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
Proforma means the Proforma appended to these Statutes;
Proforma means a consolidated balance sheet of Holdings and its Subsidiaries dated as of the date of the consummation of any Permitted Acquisition prepared in reasonable detail which gives proforma effect to such Permitted Acquisition.
Proforma means the Developer's proposal for financing the acquisition of the Property and the construction of the Development, including an estimate of the sources and uses of funds, dated as of January 10, 2019 and reviewed and approved by the City.