Definition of Tax Parcel

Tax Parcel means the separate tax parcel which is constituted solely by the Landlords Parcel (Account No. 51122, Tax Map/Lot Number 0000A/01000).
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Examples of Tax Parcel in a sentence

Tax Parcel # 111900-0280 Physical location: NE 131 Way X 94th Ave NE / 1.15 acres Designation: Open Space and Recreation Deed: SWD #6587319 / 08-25-69 / restrictive language on use Restriction: "By acceptance of this deed the County of King covenants and agrees that the use of subject property shall be restricted to open space and recreational purposes only.
Tax Parcel # 254080-0430 Physical location: 133xx 79th Pl NE / 0.06 acres Designation: Pedestrian walkway by plat Deed: No Deed.
Kent Cobado 4544 Five Mile Road AlleganyNY 14706 Re: Southwest Station Project Tax Parcel No. 76.001-1-6.1 Town of Humphrey, Cattaraugus County, New York Dear Mr. & Mrs.
Landlord, in consideration of the rents to be paid and the covenants and agreements to be performed by Tenant hereby leases to Tenant for the Term set forth below, the following described property (the "Premises") located in Oakwood Executive Park (the "Park"): Lot 29, Oakwood Executive Park, according to the Plat thereof recorded at Liber 50, Page 38 of Plats, Ingham County Records, and commonly known as 3101 Grand Oak Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48911, and also known as Tax Parcel No. 33-25-05-02-405-033.
Tax Parcel # 212540-0320 Physical location: 97th Ave NE X NE 141st PL / 1.61 acres Designation: Open Space on face of plat Deed: no Legal Description: Tract "E" Plat of Dunmore Division 1, recorded in Vol.