Definition of Tax Parcel

  1. Tax Parcel means the separate tax parcel which is constituted solely by the Landlord's Parcel (Account No. 51122, Tax Map/Lot Number 0000A/01000).

Examples of Tax Parcel in a sentence

  1. Landlord, in consideration of the rents to be paid and the covenants and agreements to be performed by Tenant hereby leases to Tenant for the Term set forth below, the following described property (the "Premises") located in Oakwood Executive Park (the "Park"): Lot 29, Oakwood Executive Park, according to the Plat thereof recorded at Liber 50, Page 38 of Plats, Ingham County Records, and commonly known as 3101 Grand Oak Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48911, and also known as Tax Parcel No.
  2. The Title Commitments and the policies subsequently issued (the Title Policies) shall each contain: (i) a Comprehensive (ALTA Form 9) Endorsement, (ii) an Access Endorsement, (iii) a Contiguity Endorsement, (iv) a Location Endorsement, (v) a Utilities/Facilities Endorsement, (vi) a Tax Parcel Endorsement, (vii) a GAP Coverage Endorsement, and (viii) an Environmental Protection Endorsement (Form 8.1).
  3. 2: BANK OF AMERICA, N.A.Legal Description:Abbreviated Legal Description: LOTS 1-6 UNIGARD INSURANCE COMPANY-UNIGARD PARK BSPFull Legal Description: See Exhibit A attachedAssessor's Tax Parcel Nos.