Marketing Material definition

Marketing Material means customary bank books, marketing material and information memoranda regarding the business, operations, financial condition and projections of the Company and the Company Subsidiaries, including all customary information relating to the transactions contemplated hereunder, to be used by Parent or its Financing Sources in connection with the syndication or other marketing of the Debt Financing.
Marketing Material means any communication (whether in writing, electronic form, by radio, by television, by internet or otherwise) used by any person to offer to sell or induce, or in connection with, the sales of any securities of the Fund. Communications between issuers, underwriters and dealers are included in this definition of Marketing Material if such communications, or the information contained therein, could reasonably be expected to be communicated to prospective investors in the offer or sale of securities or are designed to be employed in either written or oral form in the sale of securities.
Marketing Material is defined as any material, both print and electronic, that a Prospective Student may have access to prior to enrolment. This includes print and electronic advertising, print and electronic brochures, web pages and links, business cards, merchandising material, and signage;

Examples of Marketing Material in a sentence

  • The provisions of this Sections 10 (Indemnification), 11 (Limitation of Liability), 14(d) (Marketing Material), 16 (Third Party Beneficiaries), 18 (Miscellaneous) and 19 (No Promotion) hereof as well as all confidentiality undertakings contained herein shall survive any termination of this Agreement, in whole or in part.

  • Purchasers/Tenants are hereby advised that the Vendor’s marketing material and site drawings and renderings (“Marketing Material”) which they may have reviewed prior to the execution of this Agreement remains conceptual and that final building plans are subject to the final review and approval of any applicable governmental authority and the Vendor’s design consultants and engineers, and accordingly such Marketing Material does not form part of this Agreement or the Vendor’s obligations hereunder.

More Definitions of Marketing Material

Marketing Material means any advertisements, brochures, applications, promotional materials, telemarketing scripts and any other written materials relating to the Aspiration Account Program, including all marketing and advertising in paper or electronic or other formats, electronic web pages, electronic web links and any other type of promotional materials related to the Aspiration Account Program, and any such materials sent to, or the scripts or templates used in connection with oral communications with, a Customer or potential Customer.
Marketing Material has the meaning set forth in Clause 9 of this Schedule 2.
Marketing Material means a customary “public sidebank book, a customary “private side” bank book and a customary lender presentation regarding the business, operations, financial condition, projections and prospects of the Company Group to be used by Parent, Merger Sub and the Debt Financing Sources in connection with a syndication of the Debt Financing.
Marketing Material means the term sheet of the Company for the Offering dated March 18, 2021 and the revised term sheet of the Company dated March 22, 2021 for the Offering;
Marketing Material means each advertisement, media interview, press or public statement, marketing material, signage, banner, report, white paper, information on websites and any other material developed by or prepared for any Lender for any marketing, sales, advertising, publicity, public relations or other purposes.
Marketing Material means any marketing, promotional or ancillary materials produced by the Supplier, or by any of its Affiliates at the direction of the Supplier, for the purposes of or as part of performing the Services and includes without limitation any advertisement, editorial or article, campaign materials, mail piece, illustrative, or photographic materials, media, direct marketing, design, Internet material, digital, mobile and social media materials, events, point-of-sale and out-of-home materials, below-the-line materials, and creative concepts;
Marketing Material means customary bank books (including a customary “public” and “private side” version), information or offering memoranda, rating agency presentations and other information packages regarding the business, operations and financial condition and prospects of the Assets and Assumed Liabilities, including all information relating to the transactions contemplated hereunder.