Definition of Original Material

Original Material means a material provided by one of the Parties and used in the Research Project.
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Original Material means the cell lines developed by Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson and Dr. Diane Provencher described in Schedule 2.0.
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Examples of Original Material in a sentence

Each Party reserves the right to distribute its own Original Material to others and to use it for its own purposes.
Some examples include: subclones of unmodified cell lines, purified or fractionated sub-sets of the Original Material, proteins expressed by DNA/RNA supplied by Genencor or DuPont, monoclonal antibodies secreted by a hybridoma cell line, and sub-sets of the Original Material such as novel plasmids or vestors.
In the event the research described above in Paragraph 2 is completed or five (5) years has elapsed from 1 September 1995, the Effective Date of the Collaborative Research & Development Agreement, whichever occurs first, the Original Material will be destroyed by the Recipient, returned to the Provider or otherwise disposed of, or the arrangement continued as mutually agreed to in writing by DuPont and Genencor.
A Party may provide or receive Original Material under this Agreement.
Within thirty (30) days after the Effective Date, CERES shall provide to the OTC (as defined in Article XIV) a list of all Original Materials received by CERES from AGRILIFE, including for each Original Material the designation of the implementing letter it was received under, which are not the subject of any Existing License and Material Transfer Agreement (excluding any publicly available lines or CERES Confidential Information).