Offering Materials definition

Offering Materials means a Fund’s currently effective prospectus and most recently filed registration statement with the SEC relating to shares of the Fund.
Offering Materials means the Memorandum and subscription materials provided to prospective Limited Partners in connection with an investment to be made in the Partnership.
Offering Materials. All documents, tapes, or other materials relating to the Mortgage Loans provided by Seller to Purchaser prior to Purchaser submitting its bid to purchase the Mortgage loans.

Examples of Offering Materials in a sentence

  • The undersigned acknowledges that neither Owner, JLL nor any Owner/JLL Related Party, has made any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the Offering Materials, or the suitability of the information contained therein for any purpose whatever, and any representation or warranty in connection therewith is hereby expressly excluded.

  • The undersigned agrees that neither Owner, JLL, nor any Owner/JLL Related Party shall have any liability to Potential Investor and/or any Related Party resulting from the delivery to, or use by the undersigned of the Offering Materials or otherwise with respect thereto.

  • Neither Owner, JLL nor any Owner/JLL Related Party is under any obligation to notify or provide any further information to Potential Investor or any Related Party if either Owner or JLL becomes aware of any inaccuracy, incompleteness or change in the Offering Materials.

  • The Offering Materials provided to the undersigned are subject to, among other things, correction of errors and omissions, additions or deletion of terms, and withdrawal upon notice.

  • The Offering Materials shall continue to be the property of the Owner and JLL.

More Definitions of Offering Materials

Offering Materials has the meaning specified in Section 3.2.
Offering Materials means the Trust’s currently effective prospectus and most recently filed registration statement with the SEC relating to shares of the Trust.
Offering Materials has the meaning provided therefor in Section 7.1 of this Agreement.
Offering Materials means: (a) any private placement memoranda and any other offering material given in connection with a sale or offer to sell, whether or not such sale or offer to sell was required to be registered under the Securities Act, and (b) any Registration Statement filed with the Commission pursuant to which any Contract or interest therein is sold or offered for sale, including the Prospectus relating thereto and any preliminary prospectuses and amendments and supplements to such Registration Statement, Prospectus and preliminary prospectus, including post-effective amendments and all exhibits and all material incorporated by reference therein.
Offering Materials. As defined in Section 5.8(d).
Offering Materials shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.2(b).