Product definition

Product means any deliverable under the Contract, which may include commodities, services, technology or software.
Product means the product being manufactured, even if it is intended for later use in another manufacturing operation;
Product means, depending on the subject matter of this Agreement, either or both of:

Examples of Product in a sentence

  • Product Data: Submit manufacturer's product data and installation instructions for each material and product used.

  • Moreover, the ASM Defendants “offer equipment product performance upgrades” for the Accused Products to “extend the life and investment of [customers’] equipment.” See ASM Product Performance Upgrade, (last visited Feb.

  • If not associated with maintenance, the Product Service Code (PSC) of the service being provided; and explanation of the proposed use of covered telecommunications services and any factors relevant to determining if such use would be permissible under the prohibition in paragraph (b)(1) of this provision.

  • Each milestone achieved with respect to an associated Pharmaceutical Product shall be paid on a Pharmaceutical Product-by-Pharmaceutical Product basis.

  • Supplier shall ensure that, at the time of Commissioning, the Product provided by Supplier hereunder shall comply in all respects with the Specifications.

More Definitions of Product

Product means information resources technology that is, or is related to EIR.
Product means any tangible property after it has left the custody or control of the Insured, which has been designed, specified, formulated, manufactured, constructed, installed, sold, supplied, distributed, treated, serviced, altered or repaired by or on behalf of the Insured but shall not mean food and beverages supplied by or on behalf of the Insured primarily to the Insured’s employees as a staff benefit.
Product means any hardware that operates at the data link layer of the Open Systems Interconnection Model OSI Model (Layer 2) and above; any software; and any Workplace Technology Devices;
Product means any industrial or handicraft item, including inter alia parts intended to be assembled into a complex product, packaging, get-up, graphic symbols and typographic typefaces, but excluding computer programs;