Product definition

Product means the product being manufactured, even if it is intended for later use in another manufacturing operation;
Product means any deliverable under the Contract, which may include commodities, services, technology or software.
Product means, depending on the subject matter of this Agreement, either or both of:

Examples of Product in a sentence

As a standard reporting procedure of the Product Termination Notification (PTN) according to the JEDEC-Standard we will inform at an early stage about inevitable product discontinuance.

As a standard reporting procedure of the Product Change Notification (PCN) according to the JEDEC-Standard inform about minor and major changes.

Bundled Product or Services (see footnote 9)There are other products or services bundled with the electricity price plan:NoIf yes, the electricity retailer should specify below what are the bundled products or services.

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties with respect to the pricing of the Product.

This component will support the following sub-components:(i) Fish Landing Site Clusters; (ii) Fish Product Trade Infrastructure, Information and Systems – Regional Minimum Integrated Trade Expansion Platform (MITEP).

More Definitions of Product

Product means information resources technology that is, or is related to EIR.
Product means any tangible property after it has left the custody or control of the Insured, which has been designed, specified, formulated, manufactured, constructed, installed, sold, supplied, distributed, treated, serviced, altered or repaired by or on behalf of the Insured but shall not mean food and beverages supplied by or on behalf of the Insured primarily to the Insured’s employees as a staff benefit.
Product means the Energy, capacity, Ancillary Services, and all products, services and/or attributes similar to the foregoing which are or can be produced by or associated with the Project, including renewable attributes, Renewable Energy Credits, Capacity Attributes and Green Attributes.
Product means the form of a policy or contract, including any application, endorsement, or related form which is attached to and made a part of the policy or contract, and any evidence of coverage or certificate, for an individual or group annuity, life insurance, disability income or long-term care insurance product that an Insurer is authorized to issue.
Product means the RECs to be delivered in a particular Transaction, which may include Environmental Attributes, Verifications, Certifications and other characteristics as specified in a Product Order.
Product means the Agri/Industrial Equipment as described in the Accepted Purchase Order.
Product means electric capacity, energy or other product(s) related thereto as specified in a Transaction by reference to a Product listed in Schedule P hereto or as otherwise specified by the Parties in the Transaction.