Product definition

Product means any deliverable under the Contract, which may include commodities, services, technology or software.
Product means the product being manufactured, even if it is intended for later use in another manufacturing operation;
Product means, depending on the subject matter of this Agreement, either or both of:

Examples of Product in a sentence

  • Each Obligor agrees not to decrease or alter its entitlement to Product, or its right, title, estate or interest in the other Project Assets and any Key Tenement.

  • During the Initial Term and any Renewal Term, each Party shall, at its own expense, maintain and carry in full force and effect, , Product liability insurance, subject to appropriate levels of self-insurance if used, in a sum no less than $250,000 with financially sound and reputable insurers, and upon the other Party’s reasonable request, shall provide the other Party with a certificate of insurance evidencing the insurance coverage specified in this Section, if requested.

  • Only one royalty will be due on Net Sales of any Licensed Product, even if such Licensed Product is covered by multiple patents, patent applications or claims within the Patent Rights.

  • In the event the Buyer is unable to utilize all of the Minimum Quantities in any month, Buyer will be free to resale Product in coordination with Sharps so long as such sales are at prices agreed to by Sharps and Nephron and to entities not currently customers of Sharps (“Resold Products”).

  • Each Obligor agrees to ensure that no royalty, product payment or any other payment of interest having the same or similar effect is payable, is created or exists pursuant to the Project or in respect of the Product other than the NSR Royalty.

More Definitions of Product

Product means information resources technology that is, or is related to EIR.
Product means any tangible property after it has left the custody or control of the Insured, which has been designed, specified, formulated, manufactured, constructed, installed, sold, supplied, distributed, treated, serviced, altered or repaired by or on behalf of the Insured but shall not mean food and beverages supplied by or on behalf of the Insured primarily to the Insured’s employees as a staff benefit.
Product means the Energy, capacity, Ancillary Services, and all products, services and/or attributes similar to the foregoing which are or can be produced by or associated with the Project, including renewable attributes, Renewable Energy Credits, Capacity Attributes and Green Attributes.
Product means any hardware that operates at the data link layer of the Open Systems Interconnection Model OSI Model (Layer 2) and above; any software; and any Workplace Technology Devices;
Product means the form of a policy or contract, including any application, endorsement, or related form which is attached to and made a part of the policy or contract, and any evidence of coverage or certificate, for an individual or group annuity, life insurance, disability income or long-term care insurance product that an Insurer is authorized to issue.
Product means any industrial or handicraft item, including inter alia parts intended to be assembled into a complex product, packaging, get-up, graphic symbols and typographic typefaces, but excluding computer programs;
Product means any commodity made from oil or gas and includes refined crude oil, crude tops, topped crude, processed crude, processed crude petroleum, residue from crude petroleum, cracking stock, uncracked fuel oil, fuel oil, treated crude oil, residuum, gas oil, casinghead gasoline, natural-gas gasoline, kerosene, benzine, wash oil, waste oil, blended gasoline, lubricating oil, blends or mixtures of oil with one or more liquid products or byproducts derived from oil or gas, and blends or mixtures of two or more liquid products or byproducts derived from oil or gas, whether hereinabove enumerated or not.