Combination Product definition

Combination Product means any product that comprises a Licensed Compound or Licensed Product sold in conjunction with another active component so as to be a combination product (whether packaged together or in the same therapeutic formulation).
Combination Product means a Product that includes a Compound and at least one (1) Other Active Ingredient.
Combination Product means a product that includes at least one additional active ingredient (whether coformulated or copackaged) which is not a Compound. Pharmaceutical dosage form vehicles, adjuvants, and excipients shall not be deemed to be “active ingredients”, except in the case where such vehicle, adjuvant, or excipient is recognized by the FDA as an active ingredient in accordance with 21 CFR 210.3(b)(7).

Examples of Combination Product in a sentence

  • In such event, the parties shall negotiate in good faith to arrive at a determination of the respective fair market values of the Licensed Product and all other Additional Ingredients included in the Combination Product.

More Definitions of Combination Product

Combination Product has the meaning set forth in Section 1.78.
Combination Product means any product in any dosage form that contains, in addition to a Licensed Product, one or more other active ingredients having significant prophylactic or therapeutic activity.
Combination Product means any pharmaceutical product which consists of a Royalty-Bearing Product and other therapeutically active pharmaceutical compound(s).
Combination Product means a Product which includes one or more active ingredients other than a Compound in combination with a Compound. All references to Product in this Agreement shall be deemed to include Combination Product.
Combination Product has the meaning set forth in the definition of Net Sales.
Combination Product means a Licensed Product that contains the Licensed Compound as an active ingredient together with one or more other active ingredients that are sold either as a fixed dose or as separate doses in a single package.
Combination Product means