Ground Lessee definition

Ground Lessee means the ground lessee under a Ground Lease.
Ground Lessee means the Owner Lessor as lessee of the Ground Interest under the Facility Site Lease.
Ground Lessee means a person who enters into a ground lease as a lessee with the county as record owner of the real property as the lessor.

Examples of Ground Lessee in a sentence

  • Subject to the provisions of Sections 6.08(c) and (d), Borrower will pay or cause to be paid (i) all Taxes when due and before the addition of any interest, fine, penalty or cost for nonpayment, and (ii) if Borrower’s interest in the Mortgaged Property is as a Ground Lessee, then the monthly or other periodic installments of Ground Rent before the last date upon which each such installment may be made without penalty or interest charges being added.

  • The City Manager is directed to deliver or cause to be delivered written notice by certified mail to the director of the Ohio Development Services Agency advising such director of the proposed delivery of the Bonds, the principal amount thereof, the identities of the Ground Lessee and Leasehold Owner, and a general description of the Project.

  • Upon the occurrence of any casualty, Ground Lessee shall be entitled to receive all insurance proceeds.

  • Upon the occurrence of any taking of all or any portion of the Property by eminent domain, Ground Lessee shall be entitled to receive proceeds attributable to the value of the Improvements and the value of Ground Lessee’s leasehold estate in the Property so taken.

  • A representative of Ground Lessee and of each Registered Mortgagee may attend any such meeting.

More Definitions of Ground Lessee

Ground Lessee means Cleveland Heights FC II, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company, and its successors and permitted assigns.
Ground Lessee means the Tenant under any Ground Lease, including, but not limited to, the Lincolnshire Ground Lessee.”.
Ground Lessee means, with respect to any Project Site, the owner of the related Project(s) located thereon that leases such Project Site from the applicable Project Company pursuant to the terms of a Ground Lease.
Ground Lessee means the tenant under the Ground Lease from time to time.
Ground Lessee means an Owner who is a tenant under a Ground Lease.
Ground Lessee with respect to any Ground Lease, the Borrower or any Subsidiary of the Borrower that is the tenant under such Ground Lease.
Ground Lessee means APAH Westover Apartments Limited Partnership, a Virginia limited partnership.