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  • The parties shall ensure that their respective associated entities carry out their respective obligation set out in this Exit Management Clause.

  • Payments during the Exit Management period shall be made in accordance with the Terms of Payment Schedule.

  • This clause sets out the provisions, which will apply during Exit Management period.

  • Exit Management Plan shall be presented by the Implementation Agency to and approved by SMILE Council or its nominated agencies.

  • The agreement terminated in early 2021 and subsequent to year-end, the PCG was returned to EOH in terms of the Exit Management Plan and has been cancelled.Fine imposed by the JSE LimitedThe JSE Limited imposed a fine on EOH on 29 July 2020 for prior period errors contained in EOH’s previously published financial statements for the financial years ended 31 July 2017 and 31 July 2018.

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Exit Management means the process by which all reasonable assistance will be provided by Videcom to achieve a transition of the Service to another service provider;
Exit Management means the process by which all reasonable assistance will be provided by Webb & Flo to achieve a transfer of the Service to another service provider;
Exit Management the approach and requirements of the respective Parties pertaining to managing a smooth transition from the COINS system, and the associated provision of the Services by the Contractor, to the provision of a replacement system by the Authority or any Replacement Contractor, in accordance with the provisions set out in schedule 8.5 (Exit Management); “First line support” the Authority‟s service desk which provides call logging for COINS users and may provide resolution of those calls.
Exit Management means the obligations and rights of the Parties to ensure a smooth transition of the Services (whether in whole or in part) from the Service Provider to the Purchaser and/or a Replacement Service Provider as set out in clause 67. (Exit Management) and Error: Reference source not found (Exit Management).
Exit Management. [Not applied] [OR] [In Contrat Schedule 9 (Exit Management)] [OR] [Contract Schedule 9 (Exit Management) shall Guidance Note: see Clause 45.5 (Exit Management) and Contract Schedule 9 (Exit Management). Contract Schedule 9 is likely to be relevant in the context of procuring Services or Goods and Services rather than Goods only, with emphasis on procuring Services or Goods and Services on an ongoing basis. Select the third option if you be amended as follows: [ ]] have any specific exit requirements in addition to, modification or substitution of the default provisions in Contract Schedule 9 (Exit Management).