West Bengal definition

West Bengal means the State of West Bengal;
West Bengal means the State of West Bengal of the Recipient, or any successor or successors thereto.
West Bengal means the State of West Bengal, a State of India, or any successor thereto;

Examples of West Bengal in a sentence

  • It is required that Vendors, their subsidiaries, agents, intermediaries and principals cooperate with WBMSCL Internal Audit Group as well as with other investigations authorized by WBMSCL or by the Government of West Bengal or the Central Government as and when required.

  • The SECOND PARTY shall not advertise or otherwise make public for purpose of commercial advantage or goodwill that it has a contractual relationship with FIRST PARTY, nor shall the SECOND PARTY, in any manner whatsoever use the name or official seal of FIRST PARTY, or any abbreviation of the name of the FIRST PARTY or Health & Family Welfare department, Government of West Bengal in connection with its business or otherwise without the written permission of FIRST PARTY.

  • Commercial invoice, indicating the West Bengal Medical Services Corporation Limited as the Purchaser on behalf of the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal; the Contract number, Goods description, quantity, unit price and total amount.

  • Commercial invoice, indicating the West Bengal Medical Services Corporation Limited as the Purchaser on behalf of the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, the Contract number, loan number; Goods’ description, quantity, unit price and total amount.

  • Contractor may refer to the relevant PWD (W.B.) Schedule of Rates for the working area including up to date addenda and corrigenda, if any, published by Public Works Department, Government of West Bengal.

  • Tenderers shall not be eligible to submit a bid when at the time of bid submission:  Suppliers are already suspended by WBMSCL; or,  Suppliers are suspended by the Government of West Bengal or Central Government or any other State Government or WBMSCL,  Suppliers have been declared ineligible by Government of West Bengal or Central Government or any other State Government or WBMSCL.

  • It is desirable to have telephone and FAX or e-mail addresses of the signatory of the CC for all offices outside West Bengal for verification purposes.

  • Credential Certificates (CC) of successfully completed works in any Department/autonomous authority of the Government of West Bengal will be considered.

  • Successful tenderer shall be required to give an undertaking that suitable trained service engineers shall be posted at three places of West Bengal for providing prompt, effective and preventive maintenance during the period of warranty as defined as well as CMC period.

  • The EMD of the unsuccessful Tenderer will be refunded as per notification issued by Finance Department, Government of West Bengal, Memo no.

More Definitions of West Bengal

West Bengal means the Borrower’s State of West Bengal, or any successor thereto.
West Bengal means the State of West Bengal; and
West Bengal means the State of West Bengal, a State of the Borrower, or any successor thereto;

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