Time Constraints Sample Clauses

Time Constraints. The number of working days indicated at each step herein should be considered a maximum, and effort must be made to expedite the process. If the District fails to respond to the grievance within the maximum number of days at any step, the grievant proceeds to the next step. Failure of the grievant to comply with the time limits or to attend scheduled meetings to discuss or consider the grievance shall be deemed a termination of the grievance with prejudice. Time limits may be extended by mutual written consent or due to unusual circumstances.
Time Constraints. claims formulated pursuant to this Article 9 must be submitted:
Time Constraints. It is anticipated installation of the Motus receiver station(s) will take place in XXX, although exact dates will be arranged between BCR and XXXX in advance. Stations will remain in place year-round for a minimum period of five years, which period can be terminated by either party provided a 30 day written notice is given. At any point, this Agreement can be re-evaluated by both parties and stations taken down or moved to a different location. Cost of Installation or Removal of Motus Station. BCR will assume the cost of the acquisition and installation of the Motus station and related equipment. If the station must be dismantled or moved, absent agreement otherwise, the party requesting the movement or removal of the station shall assume the associated cost.
Time Constraints. Absent unusual circumstances, discipline imposed as result of a shift level investigation shall be imposed within thirty (30) calendar days after the incident giving rise to the discipline occurs or becomes known to a captain or higher ranking officer. Discipline, up to and including termination, may be administered as a result of an Internal Affairs Investigation or administered at the unit, watch, or division level as a result of job performance issues. Unit, watch, or division level discipline can be imposed for, among other things, dependability and punctuality, poor job performance, insubordination, policy violations, or other job performance issues. Depending upon the circumstances, serious violations of law and policy may justify a higher level of discipline, up to and including termination, even for a first offense.
Time Constraints. Absent unusual circumstances discipline imposed as result of other than an Internal Affairs Investigation, or Shooting Team Investigation, shall be imposed within five (5) business days after the incident giving rise to the discipline occurs or becomes known to a command staff officer or it shall be considered dropped. If unusual circumstances arise, the Lodge shall be notified immediately through written or electronic media.
Time Constraints. This agreement is contingent upon the applicant submitting a completed subdivision application to the Planning Board for the 55 units within forty-five (45) days of this stipulation together with completed long form E.A.F., unless extended by mutual agreement of the Owner, the Village Board and Planning Board. This agreement is further contingent upon the applicant to diligently pursue and advance its application to the Planning Board.
Time Constraints. Extensions to any of the time limits contained herein may be agreed upon between the parties only for the most serious of reasons and in the event that mutual agreement cannot be reached to such an extension then or above shall prevail and the matter is "estopped" in law from any further action by either party or by the Arbitration Proceedings under Step V shall be instituted by service by either party upon the other of a written notice to arbitrate. Such notice shall, in the case of a three (3) person board of arbitration, contain the name of the member nominated to the Board, by the party serving notice. Except as provided below a Board of Arbitration shall consist of three
Time Constraints. All toilets/facilities (except Acacia Park) are to be cleaned daily including weekends and public holidays. Toilets are to be cleaned by 10.00 am each day including Public Holidays. Toilets are to be cleaned twice a day during peak periods.