Investment Management Agreement definition

Investment Management Agreement means the Investment Management Agreement made
Investment Management Agreement means any agreement or agreements for the time being subsisting to which the Company and the Investment Manager are parties and relating to the appointment and duties of such Investment Manager.
Investment Management Agreement means an agreement between the trustee and the investment manager which lays down the roles and responsibilities of the investment manager towards the InvIT;

Examples of Investment Management Agreement in a sentence

  • The Investment AdviserManager has overall responsibility for the investment policy and authority to select service providers pursuant to the Investment Management Agreement entered into with the ACD.

  • The Company has been granted an ‘in-principle’ waiver of ASX Listing Rule 15.16 to allow for the initial fixed term of the Investment Management Agreement, to run for 10 years.

  • The Investment Management Agreement shall contain such clauses as are mentioned in the Fourth Schedule of SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996 and such other clauses as are necessary for the purpose of making investments.

  • The performance feesare calculated for each successful Investment as 20% (plus VAT where applicable) of the amount above the ‘hurdle’ return, where the hurdle is a 6% per annum return with a maximum hurdle of 125% of the original Investment amount.As described in Schedule 2 to the Investment Management Agreement, all reasonable endeavours will be used to ensure that Non-Recoverable Deal Costs borne by the Fund and allocated pro rata amongst Investors will not exceed 0.5% of an Investor’s Net Subscription.

  • Pursuant to the Investment Management Agreement dated 17 July 2020, Investment Manager is entitled to fees @ 1% of NDCF, exclusive of applicable taxes (also refer note 29).

More Definitions of Investment Management Agreement

Investment Management Agreement. Means the agreement between the ICAV, the Manager and the Investment Manager as specified in the Fund Supplement for each Fund as may be amended or supplemented from time to time in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank, pursuant to which the latter is appointed as investment manager of any or all of the Funds;
Investment Management Agreement means a separate written agreement, subject to Section 15 of the 1940 Act, between the Company and an Advisor, pursuant to which the Advisor provides Management Services to the Company.
Investment Management Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 4.7(t).
Investment Management Agreement means the investment management agreement dated 24 September 2013 between RIL, the Company and the Partnership (acting through its General Partner) under which RIL is appointed as the Investment Manager of both the Company and the Partnership;
Investment Management Agreement means the agreement dated 27 August 2013 between theCompany and the Investment Manager, and as amended by way of side letter dated 21 December 2016 and, as may be amended further from time to time;
Investment Management Agreement means the agreement dated 6 August 2021 between theManager, the Company and the Investment Manager;
Investment Management Agreement means an agreement pursuant to which an Investment Manager is appointed as an investment manager of the Company or any Fund;