Other Direct Costs Sample Clauses

Other Direct Costs. If necessary to complete the Services, Contractor also agrees to procure and provide all materials or other direct cost items necessary to complete the Services and to charge Mercy Corps for only the actual costs incurred by Contractor for other direct costs incurred in performing the Services. Contractor will use its best efforts to obtain the best possible prices for all other direct costs, including, when reasonable, obtaining multiple competing bids and selecting the item with the best value. Any materials that cost in excess of [amount and currency -contact your Head of Finance for donor-related thresholds] must be presented to Mercy Corps for its written approval prior to Contractor purchasing the item(s). Contractor must obtain receipts for all costs it charges to Mercy Corps hereunder that are above $25 USD and include them in invoice submissions. Mercy Corps may request additional documentation regarding prices paid, quality, and contractual arrangements at any point and may withhold or dispute payment for any costs until such documentation is provided. Likewise, if Contractor makes purchases at rates that Mercy Corps reasonably determines exceed local market rates for the materials, Mercy Corps may choose to only reimburse Contractor for verified market rates in the local market.
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Other Direct Costs. The out-of-pocket costs and expenses directly related to the project that are not a part of the normal company overhead expense.
Other Direct Costs. Other Direct Costs (ODCs) established on a cost-reimbursement basis, including travel costs, shall be pre-approved by the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) at the task order level and be allowable on the task order only if approved prior to the Contractor incurring these costs.
Other Direct Costs. NSN: N - Not Applicable Contract type: S - COST Inspection: DESTINATION
Other Direct Costs. Other Direct Costs (“ODC”) are identified in Exhibit B, Cost Summary. ODC shall be billed at cost, without markup. Allowable ODC fall into two categories: Invoiced ODC and Lump Sum ODC. Invoiced ODC are approved in advance by the Project Representative and are actually incurred. For all Invoiced ODC, the Consultant shall have a receipt from an independent company for goods or services and include Subcontract Costs and Travel Costs. Lump Sum ODC are negotiated and defined in the Agreement as Lump Sum ODC. All other ODC are unallowed costs.
Other Direct Costs. The Government will reimburse the Contractor on the basis of actual cost for the following, provided such costs comply with the requirements in paragraph (i)(1)(ii)(B) of this clause: None
Other Direct Costs. For any justified Direct Cost incurred for Change Order work not covered by the categories of costs contained in Sections through, DB Contractor shall accept as full payment therefor an amount equal to the actual cost to DB Contractor for such Direct Cost item without additional markup. Back-up documentation supporting each cost item for this category shall be provided by DB Contractor and approved by TxDOT in writing prior to any payment authorization being granted.
Other Direct Costs. The CONSULTANT shall be reimbursed for the actual amount of other costs or expenses incurred and certified as directly related to and necessary for performance of this Contract. Total reimbursement for direct costs may be limited to estimated direct cost budgets identified in Appendix B. The CONSULTANT shall notify NCTCOG in writing of any changes in auditable direct costs.
Other Direct Costs. In addition to the above the following expenses necessary for the Project may be allowed. • Net insurance premiums paid for insurance required for the grant Project; • Costs of permits and licenses for the grant Project; • Non-litigation legal costs for the Project directly relating to the activities; in this paragraph, “non-litigation legal costs” includes expenses for the Grantee’s legal staff and outside legal counsel performing non-litigation legal services; • Office lease/rental payments; • Other direct costs for the Project directly relating to the activities and identified in the grant documents; and/or • Land or other real property or reasonable and ordinary costs related to interests in land including easements, right-of-ways, or other defined interests.
Other Direct Costs. (CLIN 0002)