Quantifiable definition

Quantifiable means an emission reduction that can be reliably and replicably measured or determined.

Examples of Quantifiable in a sentence

  • Rocky Mountain Institute, The Economics of Demand Flexibility: ― How Flexiwatts Create Quantifiable Value for Customers and The Grid” (August 2015).

  • Quantifiable description of current workload and available resources to successfully complete this project.

  • Quantifiable benefits and costs, properly discounted, should be compared to determine a regulation’s net benefits, even if important benefits or costs cannot be monetized.

  • Quantifiable links have been suggested between comparative spatial differences as expressed by graph representations and the cultural or geographic differences in which the space is situated, particularly for smaller buildings such as houses (Hillier et al.

  • The formula of the Flooring Mechanism is as follows: Quantifiable Benefits Phase 3 ≥ 0.15 x (Benefits Phase I+ Benefits Phase II) The use of the NEB Flooring Mechanism avoids under-accounting NEBs and stimulates their quantification.

More Definitions of Quantifiable

Quantifiable. (Reductions) means that the amount, rate and characteristics of emission reductions can be determined by methods that are considered reliable by the Department and the Administrator of the EPA.
Quantifiable means, with respect to emissions, or the emissions involved in equivalent emission limits and emission trades, capable of being measured or otherwise determined in terms of quantity and assessed in terms of character. Quantification may be based on emission factors, stack tests, monitored values, operating rates and averaging times, materials used in a process or production, modeling, or other reasonable measurement practices.
Quantifiable means that the amount, rate, and characteristics of the emission reduction credit can be estimated through a reliable, reproducible method.
Quantifiable means emission reductions can be reliably determined through the use of well-established, publicly available emission factors and calculation methodologies, as outlined in current Carl Moyer Program Guidelines4 and the proposed FARMER Program Guidelines.
Quantifiable means that the amount, rate and characteristics of the Emission Reduction Credit can be estimated through a reliable method and are approved by the Division.
Quantifiable means measurable with an acceptable degree of accuracy and reliability.