Screening definition

Screening means the application of technical or other means which are intended to identify or detect weapons, explosives or other dangerous devices, articles or substances which may be used to commit an act of unlawful interference;

Examples of Screening in a sentence

  • Each narrative statement should describe what the specific item is, how the specific item relates to the project, and how the amount shown in the Newborn Screening (NS) budget was derived.

  • Screening and Treatment of Subclinical Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism.

  • Shift Bosses Screening Plant Bosses Grinding Bosses Dewatering Bosses Flotation Bosses General Labour Bosses * Including individuals in other classifications who automatically act for shift boss in the latter's absence.

  • Develop/Review/Revise Plans for Protection of Staff, Residents, and Families Against Infection (R) ■ Education of staff, residents, and representatives■ Screening of residents■ Screening of staff■ Visitor Restriction as indicated and in accordance with NYSDOH and CDC■ Proper use of PPE■ Cohorting of Residents and Staff Refer to Infection Prevention and Control Policy and Procedures Response Tasks for All Infectious Disease Events 1.

  • Rapid Screening of Membrane Protein Activity: Electrophysiolo- gical Analysis of Ompf Reconstituted in Proteoliposomes.

More Definitions of Screening

Screening means a preliminary appraisal of a person:
Screening means the process or procedure for determining whether the individual meets the minimum criteria for admission.
Screening means the process used by a prosecuting attorney to terminate investigative action, proceed with prosecution, move to dismiss a prosecution that has been commenced, or cause a prosecution to be diverted.
Screening means the process of receiving and recording information from a referent to determine one or both of the following:
Screening means those processes that are used routinely with all children to identify previously unrecognized needs and that may result in a referral for special education and related services or other referral or intervention.
Screening means the application of technical or other means which are intended to identify and/or detect prohibited articles;