Domain Name Registration definition

Domain Name Registration means the registration by XXXX of a Domain Name in the Registry, in the name of the Registrant, pursuant to this Agreement;
Domain Name Registration means a registered right in respect of a domain name, which defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in favour of the registrant or authorised user on the internet;
Domain Name Registration means the subsisting registration by SGNIC of a Domain Name in its registry in the name of the Registrant;

Examples of Domain Name Registration in a sentence

  • All notices (to be) given by the Registry hereunder shall be given in writing at the email address of the Registrant, as provided to the Registry in the Application and/or Domain Name Registration.

  • Domain Name Registration / Transfer - Lithium Hosting, llc offers for registration/transfer all TLDs (Top-Level Domains) displayed in the table on this page.

  • If payment is required, the Registry shall only be obliged to accept an Application or Domain Name Registration request or to renew a Domain Name Registration once it has been unconditionally paid in full for such service by the Accredited Registrar appointed by the Applicant or Registrant.

  • The Registry shall effectuate such Domain Name Registration on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the terms and conditions laid down herein.

  • This entails that, in principle, the first complete and technically correct request to register a Domain Name submitted by an Accredited Registrar and received by the Shared Registry System will result in a Domain Name Registration.

  • With the exception of Domain Names that have been allocated or reserved in the context of the respective Sunrise Processes and procedures, any party meeting the respective Eligibility Requirements shall be entitled to request a Domain Name Registration with the Registry following the start of General Availability for those eligible Registrants.

  • If, after an ex officio review by the Registry and/or following submission of a complaint to the Disputes Point of Contact, the Registry determines that the Registrant or Domain Name Registration in question did not meet the Eligibility Requirements, the Registry will notify the Registrant of such failure to meet the Eligibility Requirements.

  • Any party may make a request to the Disputes Point of Contact for further clarification or information with respect to an Application or Domain Name Registration prior to or following the procedures published on the Registry Web Site.

  • Should you choose to renew or otherwise lengthen the term of your Domain Name Registration, then the term of this Registration Agreement will be extended accordingly.

  • If, after an ex officio review by the Registry and/or following submission of a complaint to the Complaints Point of Contact, the Registry determines that the Domain Name Registration in question did not meet the Eligibility Requirements, the Registry will notify the Registrant of such failure to meet the Eligibility Requirements.

More Definitions of Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration means the registration of a string of typographic characters used to describe the location of a specific location online, otherwise known as a Domain Name, which when acquired by you for a period determined by the term you choose at time of registration, allows you to use for the purposes of website hosting, email and various other internet activities.
Domain Name Registration means the registration with the appropriate authorities of the desired domain name on behalf of the Client. “Website Hosting” means providing World Wide Web page hosting on a server with email message facilities.
Domain Name Registration means the process through which individual and
Domain Name Registration. At Licensee's request and subject to Your agreement to applicable terms and conditions and the payment of applicable fees, FreKart's Additional Services may include acquisition and registration of a second-level domain name ("Domain Name") for Your Store on Your behalf. You hereby appoint FreKart and third parties who provide domain name registration services to FreKart as Your agent in the acquisition, registration and ongoing administration of Domain Names on Your behalf and You authorize FreKart and third parties who provide domain name registration services to FreKart to select and issue binding instructions to domain name registrars and registries used to acquire, register and administer Domain Names on Your behalf. FreKart provides this Service as a convenience to You only and You hereby waive any and all claims that You may have, or which may later arise, against FreKart for any and all damages, losses, claims or expenses arising out of or related to the acquisition, registration and/or use of such Domain Name. In addition, FreKart reserves the right, in FreKart's sole discretion, to refuse to acquire or register any domain name requested by You, and to discontinue the use of any domain name requested by you. SLA: THIS SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT ("Agreement" or "SLA") shall apply to all Hosted Services provided by FREKART for each customer/client/consumer/end user/user ("USER"). FREKART is committed to providing a highly available and secure network to support its USERs. Providing the USER with consistent access to Hosted Services is a high priority for FREKART and is the basis for its commitment in the form of a SLA. The SLA provides certain rights and remedies in the event that the USER experiences service interruption as a result of failure of FREKART infrastructure. The overall service availability metric is 99.98%, measured on a monthly basis. Support ticket are responded in 24 hours, this doesn’t guaranty resolution of the issue. Term Definitions For the purpose of this Service Level Agreement, the terms in bold are defined as follows: Available or Availability When the USER who's account is active and enabled has reasonable access to the Hosted Service provided by FREKART, subject to the exclusions defined in Downtime Minutes below. Total Monthly Minutes The number of days in the month multiplied by 1,440 minutes per day. Maintenance Time The time period during which the Hosted Service may not be Available each month so that FREKART can perform ...

Related to Domain Name Registration

  • Registration Data means certain personal and financial information that you are required to provide in order to complete the Account Opening Application Form and become our Client, such information can include without limitation a copy of your passport, driving license and/or Photo identity card.

  • registration refer to a registration effected by preparing and filing a registration statement in compliance with the Securities Act, and the declaration or ordering of the effectiveness of such registration statement.

  • Company IP Registrations means all Company Intellectual Property that is subject to any issuance registration, application or other filing by, to or with any Governmental Authority or authorized private registrar in any jurisdiction, including registered trademarks, domain names and copyrights, issued and reissued patents and pending applications for any of the foregoing.

  • Domain Name means the domain name(s) (universal resource locators), and registration(s) thereof, issued by any Person or authority that issues and maintains the domain name registration; provided, however, “Domain Name” shall not include any trademark or service mark rights to such domain names other than the rights to the Product Trademarks required to be divested.

  • Provisional registration means a building official, plan reviewer, or inspector who is registered subject to his or her completion of the amount of training, education, and experience required by the commission and the appropriate advisory board and described in section 1007(2).

  • Domain Names means all Internet domain names and associated URL addresses in or to which any Grantor now or hereafter has any right, title or interest.

  • Special Registration means the registration of (i) equity securities and/or options or other rights in respect thereof solely registered on Form S-4 or Form S-8 (or successor form) or (ii) shares of equity securities and/or options or other rights in respect thereof to be offered to directors, members of management, employees, consultants, customers, lenders or vendors of the Company or Company Subsidiaries or in connection with dividend reinvestment plans.

  • Registration decal means an adhesive sticker produced by the department and issued by the

  • Registration Application means an application for registration of this Agreement as a planning agreement on the title of the Land pursuant to Section 7.6 of the Act in a form approved by the Registrar General;

  • Withdrawn Registration means a forfeited demand registration under Section 2.1 in accordance with the terms and conditions of Section 2.4.

  • International registration plan means a reciprocal agreement of member jurisdictions that is endorsed by the American association of motor vehicle administrators, and that promotes and encourages the fullest possible use of the highway system by authorizing apportioned registration of fleets of vehicles and recognizing registration of vehicles apportioned in member jurisdictions.

  • Registration Agency on labour standards shall mean the Industrial Training Branch, Ministry of Labour. "Registration Agency" for the apprentice as a student, covering related instruction.

  • Registration Form means a book voter registration form and a by-mail voter

  • Registered Name refers to a domain name within the domain of the Registry TLD, whether consisting of two or more (e.g., xxxx.xxxxx.xxxx) levels, about which VNDS or an affiliate engaged in providing registry services maintains data in a registry database, arranges for such maintenance, or derives revenue from such maintenance. A name in a registry database may be a Registered Name even though it does not appear in a TLD zone file (e.g., a registered but inactive name).

  • registration certificate means the certificate of registration or other documents in lieu thereof establishing that the Goods supplied under the Contract are registered for use in the Purchaser’s country in accordance with the applicable law.