Business registration definition

Business registration means a business registration certificate issued by the Department of the Treasury or such other form or verification that a contractor or subcontractor is registered with the Department of Treasury;
Business registration means a requirement of all telecommunications and cable providers who are not otherwise required to license or franchise with the city.
Business registration means the requirement of each person or business providing services of commercial application of pesticides, either entirely or as a part of the business, to register with the Department.

Examples of Business registration in a sentence

  • If we are not able to identify and authenticate You within 30 (thirty) days of receiving Your Business registration forms, then Your registration will be deleted.

More Definitions of Business registration

Business registration means a business registration certificate
Business registration means the formal certification by the Department of the Treasury’s Division of Revenue that a business entity, upon its application to the Division of Revenue, has attained and maintained status as a registered business in accordance with the provisions of N.J.S.A. 52:32-44.
Business registration means an annual tax for doing business within the incorporated area of the City. Every person or entity in a trade, calling, business, exhibition, avocation or occupation within the City limits shall have a business registration certificate in accordance with Title 5, Business Taxes, Licenses, and Regulations.
Business registration means a process of registering a business to conduct business operations in New Jersey, which is defined and administered by the DORES.
Business registration means a City of Encinitas issued business registration.
Business registration means the registration of a business as contemplated in section 22;
Business registration means the action of the registration and /or record filing of the equity transfer under this Agreement in the local AIC where Dalin is registed, which is effective against any third parties hereafter.