Authorised User Sample Clauses

Authorised User. 3.1 All reallocation requests sent to AEMO must be submitted or authorised under the Authorised User ID only.
Authorised User. 13.1 At the request of the Cardholder we may permit the issue of an additional Card on the Account, together with a separate PIN, for use by a person nominated by you (an “Authorised User”). However, there is no obligation on us to do so. If we consent to the issue of additional Cards, they will be issued subject to these Conditions. An Authorised User will be furnished with a copy of these Conditions and will be bound to observe these Conditions to the extent that they apply or are relevant. The Cardholder must ensure that an Authorised User complies with these Conditions. The Cardholder remains liable for all Transactions for which the additional Card is used, including those charged to the Account after the additional Card has been returned to us.
Authorised User. You will ensure that each Authorised User is made aware of these Private Banking Website Special Terms and in particular of the privacy policy contained in Private Banking Website Special Term 6 and agrees to them by using the Security Code we provide to enter the Site.
Authorised User. 7.1 On your request, we may permit the issue of an additional Card on the Account, together with a separate PIN, for use by a person nominated by you (an “Authorised User”). However, we may also refuse to issue a card to an Authorised User or stop providing this service. If an additional Card is issued on the Account, it will be subject to this Agreement. The Authorised User will be bound to observe this Agreement to the extent that it applies or is relevant.
Authorised User. This is anyone you or an account administrator has authorised to make payments into or out of your account (including by using your Revolut Cards), make currency exchanges or use the Open API. They can appoint new authorised users. ● Authorised cardholder. This is anyone authorised only to use your Revolut Cards. You or an account administrator (as appropriate) can place limits on the amount of any: ● currency exchange that an account administrator or authorised user can carry out; and ● payment that an account administrator, authorised user or authorised cardholder can make with a Revolut Card or through the Revolut Dashboard. Responsibility for authorised persons We will treat all instructions and actions by authorised persons acting within the limits of their authority as if you had given that instruction or carried out that action yourself. It is your responsibility to withdraw your authority from, or impose limits on, any authorised person (for example, if they are no longer employed by you). Any authorised person must be 18 or over. You are also responsible for all their activities. For example, if they lose their Revolut Card or their security details, it is your responsibility to tell us in line with these terms and conditions, although you may ask them to tell us instead.
Authorised User. 2.1. The Customer may use and have the Online-Service used by the organisation identified on the user-interface (hereinafter the Customer and the organization jointly the ″User″). Customer is liable for any breach of this Exhibit by the User.
Authorised User. 3.1. All Reallocation Requests sent to AEMO by Participant must be submitted or authorised under Participant’s authorised user ID.
Authorised User. A person, whether natural or legal, who is authorised to use the particular service of the library according to its regulations and on the conditions specified in this agreement through which he obtains access to the Licensed Material.
Authorised User. You may appoint an Authorised User to act on your behalf to enter into and confirm FX Conversions and Payments under these terms. You must set up each Authorised User with a User Profile and promptly provide us with the following details of any of your proposed Authorised Users: Customer name, name of Authorised User, Customer address and billing address, phone and email address of Authorised User, and any other contact or identification information of the Authorised User that we may reasonably require. You will ensure that your Authorised Users comply with these terms and in respect of your obligations and liabilities under these terms, references to ‘you’ shall (where the context requires) be read as including your Authorised Users.