Electrical contractor definition

Electrical contractor means an electrical contractor as defined in the Regulations;
Electrical contractor means any licensed individual, partnership, or corporation that is licensed to engage in, offers to engage in, or advertises or holds itself out to be qualified to engage in designing, planning, superintending, contracting of, or assuming responsibility for the installation, alteration, or repair of any electrical system[wiring] used for the purpose of furnishing heat, light, or power, and employs electrical workers to engage in this practice. If the electrical contractor is not a master electrician, the electrical contractor shall employ at least one (1) full-time master electrician; however, no master electrician shall act in this capacity for more than one (1) electrical contractor;

Examples of Electrical contractor in a sentence

  • Electrical contractor D’Elia Electric of Jersey City, NJ has been awarded the contract for $14,150.00.

  • All the Electrical work must be carried out by a competent Electrical Contractor having valid ‘A’ class Electrical contractor licence issued by State Government.

  • Scan copy of valid Electrical contractor license of the respective bidder to be uploaded.

  • That the Commission accept the quotation for the Phase 3A and 4 Backup Generators from Black & McDonald for the total amount of $554,598.12 (not including HST) and that the Commission authorize the Mechanical and Electrical contractor (Black & McDonald) to purchase the equipment under their Master Agreement with TransAqua and authorize the General Manager to administer and make payments associated with this purchase.

More Definitions of Electrical contractor

Electrical contractor means a person affiliated with an electrical contracting firm or business who is, or who employs a person who is, licensed by the board as either a class A or class B master electrician and who is also registered with the state of Iowa as a contractor pursuant to chapter 91C.
Electrical contractor means a person who undertakes to perform electrical installation work on behalf of any other person, but excludes an employee of such first-mentioned person;
Electrical contractor means a person, firm, partnership,
Electrical contractor means a corporation, firm or person, who, by the employment
Electrical contractor means a person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity that offers to undertake, undertakes, submits a bid for, or does the work of installing or maintaining wires or equipment that convey electrical current.
Electrical contractor means any person, firm or corpora- tion engaged in the business of erecting, installing, altering, repairing, servicing or maintaining electrical wiring.