Storage Services definition

Storage Services means Capacity Rights and System Services.
Storage Services means any Services which offer you storage capacity on the network for storage of content which you access from us.
Storage Services means the provision by Us of storage of Precious Metal manufactured by Us, or at Our sole discretion, Precious Metal from other manufacturers.

Examples of Storage Services in a sentence

  • The change in any data shall immediately be notified to the Storage Services Provider.

  • Upon successful Registration, the Storage Customer shall be promptly provided by email with his personal data for access to the Online Booking System, and may thus inspect and calculate any Storage Capacities freely available and submit its binding Storage Services Requests through the Online Booking System.

  • Subject to and to extent of the completion and operability of the Storage Facility the Storage Service Provider hereby offers to third parties access to Storage Capacities including the corresponding Storage Services available for marketing purposes in the Storage Facility.

  • With the help of such registration any such person may gather further detailed information on the Storage Services offered by the Storage Service Provider and Storage Capacities freely available at that moment in time together with the opportunity to immediately submit Storage Services Requests for such Storage Services and Storage Capacities.

More Definitions of Storage Services

Storage Services means the storage of Grain at a Viterra Facility and involves:
Storage Services means any services which offers storage capacity on the network for storage of content which the Customer accesses from the Supplier.
Storage Services means the service of storage of Goods by Masterlink at theMasterlink premises or elsewhere;
Storage Services means the energy storage services provided to Customer by Provider hereunder, including operation and maintenance of the ESS.
Storage Services has the meaning given in Annexure A.
Storage Services means the storage of data of a public
Storage Services has the meaning set forth in Section 2