Forest management plan definition

Forest management plan means a written plan prepared and signed by a qualified forester that prescribes measures to optimize production, utilization, regeneration, and harvest of timber. The forest management plan shall include a schedule and timetables for the various silvicultural practices used on forestlands, which shall be a maximum of 20 years in length. A forest management plan shall include all of the following:
Forest management plan. ’ means the principal document, approved by the Sec- retary, reflecting and consistent with a tribal integrated resource management plan, which provides for the regulation of the detailed, multiple-use operation of Indian forest land by methods assuring that such lands remain in a continuously productive state while meeting the objectives of the tribe and which shall in- clude—

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  • Will host a site visit this coming Wednesday with Pacific Conservation District and Ben Hayes to kick off the Forest Management Plan.

  • This plan will attempt to consolidate recommendations from those previous consultations combined with current forest conditions.ProcedureOn December 1, 2021, a contract was created between the Sutton Conservation Commission and Leo Maslan, owner of Maslan Forestry LLC, to create a Forest Management Plan for the KHR.

  • They will also be funding a Forest Management Plan (FMP), a prerequisite for funding of forest management “practices.”forestry expert of the CT Agricultural Experi‐ ment Station, advised hiring a heavy equip‐ ment contractor to “mulch” the invasive mulitflora rose and bush honeysuckle and then using volunteers to plant a selection of trees, including species that would add wildlife value and resilience to the forest.

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Forest management plan means an operation plan to reach landowner objectives and assures public benefits as they relate to producing timber and other values. It shall include a cover map, basic forest stand description data, treatment opportunities, landowner objectives and a schedule for implementing the forest management plan.
Forest management plan means an agreement which includes a plan to aid the owner of forest land in increasing the health, vigor, and beauty of such forest land through use of forest management practices and which has been either executed between the owner of forest land and the Colorado state forest service or executed between the owner of forest land and a professional forester and has been reviewed and has received a favorable recommendation from the Colorado state forest service. The Colorado forest service shall annually inspect each parcel of land subject to a forest management plan to determine if the terms and conditions of such plan are being complied with and shall report by March 1 of each year to the assessor in each affected county the legal descriptions of the properties and the names of their owners that are eligible for the agricultural classification. The report shall also contain the legal descriptions of those properties and the names of their owners that no longer qualify for the agricultural classification because of noncompliance with their forest management plans. No property shall be entitled to the agricultural classification unless the legal description and the name of the owner appear on the report submitted by the Colorado state forest service. The Colorado state forest service shall charge a fee for the inspection of each parcel of land in such amount for the reasonable costs incurred by the Colorado state forest service in conducting such inspections. Such fee shall be paid by the owner of such land prior to such inspection. Any fees collected pursuant to this subsection (4.4) shall be subject to annual appropriation by the general assembly.
Forest management plan means a forest management plan as defined in the Code of Practices for Timber Production to address the full range of values and uses in State forest;
Forest management plan means a forest management plan prepared in accordance with the Forest Management Planning Manual, or a plan deemed to be a Forest Management Plan pursuant to section 71 of the Crown Forest Sustainability Act;
Forest management plan means a forest and land management plan submitted to a district pursuant to subpart 5.