Client Materials definition

Client Materials means the CLIENT Development Materials and the CLIENT Production Materials.

Examples of Client Materials in a sentence

SBL shall secure sufficient and suitable storage for the Client Materials; provided that such storage requirements shall be customary within SBL’s industry.

Client shall provide, either by itself or through its third party supplier, to SBL free of charge, Client Materials in amounts reasonably necessary to carry out the Services as agreed by the Parties.

SBL shall exercise reasonable care to preserve and protect the Client Materials from loss after receipt by SBL and prior to Manufacture.

Client shall provide SBL with the Specifications of the Client Materials, including without limitation analytical methods, supplier information, and other information concerning the stability, storage, and safety thereof that are required for the Manufacturing hereunder, as may be further described in the applicable QAG.

SBL shall perform testing of the Client Materials in accordance with the applicable QAG and/or Client’s instruction prior to the performance of the Manufacturing hereunder, in order to determine whether such Client Materials meet the Specification described in the applicable QAG (if applicable).

More Definitions of Client Materials

Client Materials means all documents, information, items and materials in any form (whether owned by the Client or a third party) which are provided by the Client to NCC Group in connection with the Services;
Client Materials means any goods, products and materials in whatever form (including all Intellectual Property Rights in the same) provided or made available by the Client to MIKROS for use in connection with this Agreement, and including any master tapes, film negative prints, sound tapes, video tapes or visual images or sound held in any media.
Client Materials means Client reagents and other materials supplied by Client or its third party supplier to be used in the Service hereunder, as each is further defined in the PSA and/or applicable QAG. In the case of a Drug Product PSA, Client Materials shall also include Drug Substance and/or other active pharmaceutical ingredients, which may or may not be Manufactured by SBL.
Client Materials means the Client Development Materials and the Client Production Materials.
Client Materials means tools, instructions, specifications, or other materials provided by Client to PA.