Research Materials definition

Research Materials means all tangible materials other than Subject Data first produced in the performance of this CRADA.
Research Materials means any Cytotoxic Compound, linker, Ab-Cytotoxic Product or other Proprietary Materials supplied by ImmunoGen to Novartis for the purpose of conducting research activities under the Research Program.

Examples of Research Materials in a sentence

  • I hereby assign, transfer, and convey to the 24 University all of my right, title, and interest in any Inventions, 25 Copyrightable Works, and Tangible Research Materials for which the 26 University asserts ownership under Section 3.b) of the Policy.

  • In addition, 37 Tangible Research Materials received by Covered Individuals may 38 be subject to contractual restrictions that severely limit the use and 39 transfer of such Materials, to the detriment of University 40 researchers.

  • These guidelines adhere to and complement the American Library Association (ALA) Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)/Society of American Archivists (SAA) Joint Statement on Access to Research Materials in Archives and Special Collections Libraries, the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association, the ACRL Code of Ethics for Special Collections Librarians (see Appendix I).

  • I understand and agree to abide by the 10 administrative procedures for the transfer of Tangible Research Materials 11 and Confidential Information, as set forth in the Policy.

  • CORE BUSINESSES • Conciliation Services• Mediation-Arbitration Services• Appointment of Mediators/Arbitrators• Publish Labour Relations Information and Research Materials In accordance with the Police Services Act, the Commission appoints conciliators and mediator-arbitrators to assist Police Associations and Police Services Boards across the Province to resolve outstanding labour relations grievances and contract bargaining disputes.

More Definitions of Research Materials

Research Materials means those experimental materials one party may provide the other in connection with and as stated in the Research Program.
Research Materials means any product that comprises or contains PRINT Material and GSK Material for use in the Inhaled Plan.
Research Materials means any materials, including but not limited to, antibodies or drug candidates, identified or developed by or on behalf of ABX (including by IMMUNOGEN at the request and on behalf of ABX) through the direct and material use of IMMUNOGEN Background Technology during the Research Term. ABX shall solely own all Research Materials and all patent rights and other intellectual property rights therein.
Research Materials has the meaning set forth in Section 6.6(a).
Research Materials mean all tangible property obtained or developed in ------------------ the course of performance of the R&D Program, including but not limited to [*****] Enzymes.
Research Materials mean all tangible property, including without limitation, assays, invented, obtained, discovered, developed, or derived, or the function or utility of which is discovered or determined, in the course of performance of the R&D Program. It is understood and agreed that the Research Materials shall not include any PIONEER Materials or MAXYGEN Materials, and that any assay and/or biological materials developed solely by PIONEER or solely by MAXYGEN for use in the R&D Program shall be deemed to be PIONEER Materials or MAXYGEN Materials, respectively. It is understood and agreed that all Gene Variants shall be Research Materials.