Research Materials definition

Research Materials means all tangible materials other than Subject Data first produced in the performance of this CRADA.
Research Materials means experimental data, information, and materials which one Party provides to the other Party in connection with the Collaborative Research. The Parties may agree to treat the Research Materials confidential in writing on the same condition described in Article 7.
Research Materials means any Cytotoxic Compound, linker, Ab-Cytotoxic Product or other Proprietary Materials supplied by ImmunoGen to Novartis for the purpose of conducting research activities under the Research Program.

Examples of Research Materials in a sentence

  • Requests to review the Research Materials should be made with appropriate written advance notification to the school and to the researcher.

  • This Policy addresses the three categories of Intellectual Property (Inventions, Copyrightable Works, and Tangible Research Materials) as well as Confidential Information.

  • For further details of the FVISS see section 6FV.15 of these Research Materials.

  • The University has therefore established the following procedures to allow the free exchange of Tangible Research Materials, while at the same time respecting the ownership rights of the University, protecting the rights of its researchers, and limiting the liability of the University and its researchers.

  • While potential commercial value should not inhibit the free exchange of University-owned Tangible Research Materials for research purposes, the University nonetheless recognizes that such Materials may have significant commercial value.

More Definitions of Research Materials

Research Materials means those experimental materials one party may provide the other in connection with and as stated in the Research Program.
Research Materials means any product that comprises or contains PRINT Material and GSK Material for use in the Inhaled Plan.
Research Materials means any materials, including but not limited to, antibodies or drug candidates, identified or developed by or on behalf of ABX (including by IMMUNOGEN at the request and on behalf of ABX) through the direct and material use of IMMUNOGEN Background Technology during the Research Term. ABX shall solely own all Research Materials and all patent rights and other intellectual property rights therein.
Research Materials has the meaning set forth in Section 6.6(a).
Research Materials means any MAY Compound, Linker and/or Licensed Product supplied by ImmunoGen to Biotest in accordance with Section 3.3(b)(ii) for the purpose of conducting research activities under the Research Program with respect to a Licensed Product.
Research Materials mean all tangible property obtained or developed in ------------------ the course of performance of the R&D Program, including but not limited to [*****] Enzymes.
Research Materials mean all tangible property, including without limitation, assays, invented, obtained, discovered, developed, or derived, or the function or utility of which is discovered or determined, in the course of performance of the R&D Program. It is understood and agreed that the Research Materials shall not include any PIONEER Materials or MAXYGEN Materials, and that any assay and/or biological materials developed solely by PIONEER or solely by MAXYGEN for use in the R&D Program shall be deemed to be PIONEER Materials or MAXYGEN Materials, respectively. It is understood and agreed that all Gene Variants shall be Research Materials.