Interfaces definition

Interfaces means, collectively, the CAD Interface and the Channel Access Interface.
Interfaces means all points of interaction during a system or subsystem life cycle, including operation and maintenance where different actors of the rail sector will work together in order to manage the risks;
Interfaces. Custom Software that is developed by Contractor for transmitting Data among the Module and other systems.

Examples of Interfaces in a sentence

  • In: Kramer G (ed) Auditory Display: Sonification, Audification and Auditory Interfaces.

  • Tangible Bits: Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms.

  • In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (Automotive’UI 16).

  • Interfaces with users and staff to evaluate possible implementation of the new technology in the enterprise, consistent with the goal of improving existing systems and technologies and in meeting the needs of the business.

  • Security considerations: See Section 10 of RFC 3023 [3] and Section 8 of RFC 4730 Interoperability considerations: See RFC 2023 [3] and RFC 4730 Published specification: RFC 4730 Applications which use this media type: Session-oriented applications that have primitive User Interfaces.

More Definitions of Interfaces

Interfaces means a set of message and message sequences on the information flowing across a reference point between two identified functional entities or the method by which information, including data and control information, is conveyed between cooperative systems or devices, such as radio frequency communications-related subsystems.
Interfaces means any programming interface or adaptor between the Software and third party or City-owned or licensed software that facilitates the import and export of data or intercommunication between such software.
Interfaces as used herein shall mean any System Software, including source code, object code and related Documentation, required to complete the interface(s) between such and any required County software programs.
Interfaces means interfaces as defined in Article 3(7) of Commission Regulation (EC) No 352/2009 (1).
Interfaces means the interface between the Solar Thermal Plant and the hot water and cooling water distribution system to be installed by [[CLIENT]] as well as the interface between the Solar Thermal Plant and the roof of [[CLIENT]]’s Facilities. The I nnterfaces will be set out in the Documentation.
Interfaces means software that creates interfaces between the Software and third-party software programs.
Interfaces means the software programs which create interfaces between the Software and third party software programs which were assigned to Licensor pursuant to the Reorganization Agreement and which were used in the Retained Business immediately prior to the Effective Date, including, without limitation, the interfaces described in Exhibit 1, attached hereto and incorporated herein.