Additional Work definition

Additional Work means additional work that the City may wish performed that is not a Change and not a Services Expansion;
Additional Work means services requested by the Town of Peace River not listed within this agreement;

Examples of Additional Work in a sentence

  • Motion by Doe to approve Additional Work re: Interceptor Sanitary Sewers Inspection in the Amount of $87,000 (Restricted Funds Account No. 902-169).

  • Additional Work resulting from other contracts, or work by OWNER not noted in the Contract Documents will be added by Change Order.

More Definitions of Additional Work

Additional Work means any additional and/or rectification work that is required to complete the Work, which was not included in the Sales Quotation or was not reasonably foreseeable on a visual inspection of the Property by the AES Consultant before We gave our Sales Quotation;
Additional Work means any new or different work outside the originally agreed upon scope of work, which is determined pursuant to Article XXX (Additional Work).
Additional Work shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.1(a).
Additional Work. Should Owner choose to add additional work, such additional work shall be described in a separate written amendment to this Agreement wherein the additional work shall be described and the parties shall set forth the amount of compensation to be paid by Owner for the additional work. Contractor shall not begin any additional work and Owner shall not be obligated to pay for any additional work unless a written amendment to this Agreement has been signed by both parties.
Additional Work. MeansA significant addition to the Work that the Owner or Owner’s Representative has directed the Contractor to perform pursuant to a written Change Order as described in Part II, Section 5.2. “Affidavit of Payment” Means A form required for Final Payment as described in Part II, Section 4.3 and annexed at Appendix F8. “Affidavit of Release of Liens” Means A form required for Final Payment as described in Part II, Section 4.3 and annexed at Appendix F9. “Agencies” Means Any agencies, bureaus, departments, offices, or other discrete entities of The City of New York, the State of New York or the United States that have jurisdiction over any activities carried out in respect of the Work and/or the Project including without limitation, those listed as Other Interested Parties in Part I, Section 8.1, plus the City Community Board(s) that may have an advisory role. The Agencies may include the following: The Art Commission, BPO, DCAS, DCP, DEP, DOB, DOS, DOT, DSBS, FDNY, FHWA, FTA, LPC, MOC, NYCIDA, NYC Parks, NYCTA, NYPD, NYSDEC, NYSDOH, NYSDOT, OMB, OPRHP, PANYNJ, USACOE, USCG, USDOD, USDOT. “Applicable Agreements” Means Various governing agreements related to the Funds, the Project and/or this Contract, including, without limitation, any specific “Applicable Agreements” identified in Part I, Section 7.5 and/or Appendix E and any other governing agreement or MOU with the City, State and/or federal governments, or any agency thereof “Applicable Statutes” MeansAny and all federal, state and local laws, statutes, rules, regulations and orders applicable to this Contract, the Funds or the Project, including, without limitation, any specific “Applicable Statutes” identified in Part I, Section 7.4 and/or Appendix D.
Additional Work means such surveys carried out as part of a regular inspection of any facility installed under the Proximity Operation or the Affected Pipeline, such as outside visual inspection by remote operated vehicle (“ROV”) or divers, within two (2) nautical miles of the Proximity Point(s) after the completion of the Proximity Operation, but shall not include any work where physical contact with the other Party’s pipeline or facility is anticipated.
Additional Work means work or materials not provided for in the Contract and not considered by the City to be essential to the satisfactory completion of the Contract within its intended scope.