Warehousing Services Sample Clauses

Warehousing Services. The following provisions shall apply to govern warehousing services provided by Company:
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Warehousing Services. ROCK-IT may engage CARRIER to provide storage of Customer’s goods from time to time. CARRIER shall provide such services as a warehouseman, providing facilities, personnel and equipment necessary to ensure that the Customer’s goods are secure and free from loss or damage. When acting as a warehouseman, CARRIER shall be liable for all loss or damage to Customer’s goods however caused arising from CARRIER’s failure to exercise such care in regards to the goods as a reasonably careful person would exercise under like circumstances.
Warehousing Services. 3PF agrees to provide certain warehouse space, management, equipment and related services to Customer as set forth herein. The warehouse space shall be located at 3PF's facility at 0000 X.X. 00 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 0, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxx 00000 (hereinafter referred to as the "Facility"). The warehouse Facility space is approximately 102,400 square feet of floor space which includes office space of approximately 3,400 sq. ft. The Facility shall be maintained structurally and mechanically in good working order by 3PF as is required per 3PF's lease agreement. 3PF's services shall include without limitation payment of all common area maintenance charges, real estate taxes, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and water, security, insurance, janitorial and supplies, continuance of existing Internet access, and trash removal. Customer shall not be required to pay any expenses in connection with the maintenance or operation of the Facility except as expressly set forth Printed 12/14/2001 11:57 AM Initials (3PF) /s/ [ILLEGIBLE] Initials (Rentrak) /s/ [ILLEGIBLE] Initials (RedEnvelope) /s/ MWM
Warehousing Services. Achim shall provide to Dynamic during the term of this Agreement warehousing services for the Business, including receiving, storing and shipping of all of Dynamic's merchandise from the Warehouse.
Warehousing Services. During the Term, C&S shall provide to Tops warehousing services related to the supply of Merchandise on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement (collectively, the “Warehousing Services”). Such Warehousing Services will include, but are not limited to: the daily operation and maintenance of the Facilities; handling and confirming receipt of inbound orders; loading and unloading; cross-docking; storage; selection; pallet building; case labeling (where applicable); cardboard baling (for pick-up and disposal by Tops); monitoring vendor compliance; tracking warehouse income, where applicable; processing claims for recovery of lost or damaged Merchandise, as applicable; banana ripening; employing personnel for the provision of the Warehousing Services whose training and skill are consistent with industry standards; and interfacing with Tops personnel, as appropriate.
Warehousing Services. (A) I-Med Pro shall provide HemoSense with storage and warehousing services with respect to Products that HemoSense intends to deliver to customers within the Territory, including those Products that I-Med Pro receives under Section 4.1. All Products that I-Med Pro houses for HemoSense must be in a secure storage location segregated from I-Med Pro or other I-Med Pro customer materials.
Warehousing Services. (Xxxxxx Logistics) (Customer) The warehousing services to be arranged by Xxxxxx Logistics, if any, are set forth in Appendix A. Surface Freight Forwarder Services. (Xxxxxx Logistics) (Customer) The surface freight forwarder services, including without limitation arranging motor carrier and rail transportation, if any, are set forth in Appendix B. Ocean Freight Forwarder / Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier Services. (Xxxxxx Logistics) (Customer) The ocean freight forwarder and/or non-vessel operating common carrier services to be arranged by Xxxxxx Logistics, if any, are set forth in Appendix C. Air Freight Forwarder and/or Indirect Air Carrier Services. (Xxxxxx Logistics) (Customer) The air freight forwarder and/or indirect air carrier services to be arranged by Xxxxxx Logistics, if any, are set forth in Appendix D.
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Warehousing Services. Commodity warehousing services, order processing services, change order processing services, return and exchange services, document and data services, daily order data docking services, customer service services.
Warehousing Services. Warehousing Services are services that let the User to store various products that comply with the below listed criteria and are owned by the User (“Products”) at Printful's warehouse, and Printful will pack and ship them to the User's customers when orders come in. In order to be able to use the Warehousing Services the User must receive Printful's prior approval of the Products the User wishes to store by submitting the Products for a review. Printful will review whether each Product complies with the following criteria:
Warehousing Services. The warehousing services to be arranged by MGDS, if any, are set forth in Appendix A.
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