Warehousing Sample Clauses

Warehousing reimbursement is inclusive of Courier charges.
Warehousing. Delivery, Receipt & On-site Storage of Equipment, and General Cleaning Seller will stage the delivery of Products. Seller's personnel will be on-site at the time the Products are delivered. Such personnel will accept the Products, unpack for inventory purposes and inspect such Products for damage. Seller will resolve all shipping errors inventory discrepancies and damage issues. This function shall be performed in an area previously designated for the storage and unpacking of equipment and Product(s). Such area will be selected based on a location that minimizes movement of material and personnel through the work site. In the event storage is limited or inadequate, as determined by Seller, temporary storage facilities such as trailers or containers may be required. Any fees associated with the procurement of temporary storage facilities are not included in Seller's quoted prices and shall be solely the responsibility of the Customer. Materials such as plywood or masonite will be utilized as necessary, to prevent cable reels, iron work and other heavy objects from damaging floors, walls and doors. Seller shall perform general cleaning of the equipment and storage areas (e.g. clearing floors of debris, packing material, etc.) on a regular basis throughout the installation period. Rubbish shall be disposed of at Seller's expense and in compliance with local requirements.
Warehousing. Provider shall store and maintain product inventory related to customer shipments to meet demand, subject to being provided with Products, in a manner consistent in all material respects with past practices, its usual policies, IT infrastructure and appropriate systems access, procedures and the usual and customary practices, codes and standards for Business distribution operations services, and in accordance with all applicable Laws; provided that Recipient or its Affiliates shall hold title to Business inventories and Recipient shall assume full responsibility for losses or shrinkage other than to the extent due to Provider’s or its Affiliates’ gross negligence or willful misconduct. Upon the date of termination of the Services described in this paragraph, should Recipient choose to dispose of rather than transfer any remaining inventory, Recipient shall be responsible for all associated disposal costs. Provider shall further ensure that all products in its warehouses are stored using Good Distribution Practices (GDP) in order that, among other things, inventory is free of insects, rodents or dust, and that cases are properly sealed to avoid damage.
Warehousing. Fees shall begin to accrue upon delivery of the Goods to the Company in accordance with the terms hereof and shall be paid in full. The Customer shall not be entitled to assert any credit set-off or counterclaim against the Company in order to justify withholding payment of any such Warehousing Fees in whole or in part. Xxxxxxxx X-0 Storage Services Terms and Conditions for Physical Copper for the HB Singapore Pte Ltd. Permitted Warehouse Locations
Warehousing. The Warehouse Operator agrees, unless prevented from doing so by force majeure, to (each of the following):
Warehousing. The Lender may, at the expense of the Company, cause any of the Inventory and Equipment to be placed in a public or field warehouse, and the Lender shall not be liable to the Company on account of any loss, damage or depreciation that may occur as a result thereof, other than for actions that were not taken in good faith.
Warehousing. The Agent shall arrange for warehouse services for all Roundup Products until such time as the products are delivered to proper carriers. The Agent agrees to comply with all applicable environmental rules and regulations in owning or operating any warehouse.
Warehousing. LICENSEE agrees that the grounds will be not used for warehousing of materials or major maintenance repairs or overhauling of vehicles.
Warehousing. The Monthly Warehousing Charge shall be $16,800.00 per month which includes In/Out storage. In consideration of thin charge (exclusive of additional charges set forth below), WESTWAY agrees to handle a Prepaid Throughput (as hereinafter defined) up to and including 22,950 short tons (outbound) of commodity per contract period into the Tank(s) from rail cars or tank trucks, and out of the Tanks) to rail cars, tank trucks and barges. Determination of all throughput handled shall be made when commodity enters the Tank(s).