Definition of Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation means all documents prepared by Manufacturer in the ordinary course of business that define the Product in terms of its intended use and Product claims. Such documents may take the form of User Instruction, System Manuals, Product Updates, Technical Bulletins but are not limited to such.
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Examples of Technical Documentation in a sentence

Full use will be made of training material and Technical Documentation supplied by Manufacturer.
Error means a problem that causes Our Software not to operate substantially in conformance with its Technical Documentation.
During the Support Term, subject to the provisions of this Section 8.2, we will provide to you, at no additional charge, Updates of Our Software and Technical Documentation, and the other support services described below.
The Hardware and the Technical Documentation contain no other products or materials in which any third party may claim superior, joint, or common ownership, including any right or license.
The Hardware and the Technical Documentation owned by Seller do not contain derivative works of any products or materials not owned in their entirety by Seller and included in the Subject Assets.