Technical Documentation definition

Technical Documentation means any and all recorded information, including reports, working papers relating to the service which also includes designs, reports either of a technical nature or other, photographs, drawings, plans, specifications, and computer software, whether susceptible to copyright or not.

Examples of Technical Documentation in a sentence

Technical documentation The manufacturer shall establish the technical documentation.

A.4. Technical Documentation: Ability to make technically clear drawings, write outline specifications, and prepare models illustrating and identifying the assembly of materials, systems, and components appropriate for a building design.[X] Not Yet Met 2013 Team Assessment: Technical documentation is limited to construction documents for a small house.

Article 24 Quality of supplies24.2 IT equipment must be adapted to work with electric power in Republic of Moldova by the manufacturer - 220V / 50 Hz. Technical documentation (instruction manuals and warranty service book with specified types of service provided by the manufacturer) should be provided in Romanian, English or Russian language.

Technical documentation Describe the technical documentation (e.g., data dictionary or codebook) that explains how variables will be designated and labeled in the data file(s), such as the use of variable naming conventions and variable groups, missing data/value designations, variable and category/value labels, operational definitions, and citations as needed for these variables.

More Definitions of Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation means all documented technical information owned by Sellers that is currently in the files of the Business or primarily used in the Business.
Technical Documentation means documentation [] that enables market surveillance authorities to assess the accuracy of the label and the product information sheet of a [] tyre, including the information [] set out in point 2 of Annex [] VIIa;