Unauthorized Access Sample Clauses

Unauthorized Access. Customer will take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access to the Spellbook AI Platform, including without limitation by protecting its passwords and other log-in information. Customer will notify Rally immediately of any known or suspected unauthorized use of the Spellbook AI Platform or breach of its security and will use best efforts to stop said breach.
Unauthorized Access. Using service to access, or to attempt to access without authority, the accounts of others, or to penetrate, or attempt to penetrate, security measures of Company’s or a third party’s computer software or hardware, electronic communications system, or telecommunications system, whether or not the intrusion results in disruption of service or the corruption or loss of data.
Unauthorized Access. Vendor shall store and maintain City Information in a secure manner and shall not allow unauthorized users to access, modify, delete or otherwise corrupt City Information in any way. Vendor shall notify City immediately if the security or integrity of any City Information has been compromised or is believed to have been compromised, in which event, Vendor shall, in good faith, use all commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate with City in identifying what information has been accessed by unauthorized means and shall fully cooperate with City to protect such City Information from further unauthorized disclosure.
Unauthorized Access. You will take reasonable precautions to prevent others from gaining unauthorized access to the Services. For example, if you establish a user name and password with us that enable you to access our out-of-home Services, you will not provide that user name and password to any person other than the members of your household. If you do, we reserve the right to revoke your access credentials or terminate the Services you receive.
Unauthorized Access. In the event that You determine that another party has gained access to your Password and User Name, or has determined that another has wrongfully accessed the Membership Web- site using your Password and User Name, Company shall issue a new User Name and Password to You and shall delete the old User Name and Password account.
Unauthorized Access. Ventiv is not responsible for any unauthorized access and/or use by any third party who independently gains access to Customer’s instance of the Software on the System and/or related information, provided that such access is not caused or contributed to by Ventiv. Customer will notify Ventiv promptly of any unauthorized use of any user accounts or of any other breach of security occurring as a result of any activities of any of Customer's end-users or of any vulnerabilities that Customer believes are contained in or caused by the System such that Ventiv may take or recommend appropriate remedial measures. Ventiv will have no liability for any loss or damage arising from Customer’s failure to comply with the provisions of this Section 4.
Unauthorized Access. The contents of the personnel file of a teacher shall not be disclosed to any person not authorized by law, the provisions of this contract, or in writing by the teacher. The teacher shall be notified of any request made to review his/her file by one not authorized by Section E.1. above or by the teacher.
Unauthorized Access. You agree to take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access to the System, including by protecting Your passwords and other log-in information. You shall notify Vendor immediately if You know of or suspect unauthorized use of the System or breach of its security.
Unauthorized Access. If, at any time, the Service Recipient determines that any of its personnel have sought to circumvent, or have circumvented, the Security Regulations, that any unauthorized personnel have accessed the Systems or that any of its personnel have engaged in activities that may lead to the unauthorized access, use, destruction, alteration or loss of data, information or software, the Service Recipient shall promptly terminate such personnel’s access to the Systems and promptly notify the Service Provider. In addition, the Service Provider shall have the right to deny personnel of the Service Recipient access to its Systems upon notice to the Service Recipient (with such notice given, in any event, within one business day of such termination) in the event that the Service Provider reasonably believes that such personnel have engaged in any of the activities set forth above in this Section 5.3.3 or otherwise pose a security concern. Each Party shall reasonably cooperate with the other Party in investigating any apparent unauthorized access to the Systems.
Unauthorized Access. EVERTEC also acknowledges the requirements of the Interagency Guidance on Response Programs for Unauthorized Access to Customer Information and Customer Notice issued by bank regulatory agencies on March 29, 2005, regarding implementing effective notification procedures in the event of unauthorized access to Customer Information. As such, the parties acknowledge and agree that EVERTEC shall be responsible for the unauthorized or fraudulent application for, access to or use of the Customer Information by any entity caused by the negligent acts or omissions of EVERTEC, its employees, subcontractors or agents. If EVERTEC becomes aware of any actual or suspected security breach involving unauthorized access (i.e., physical trespass on a secure facility, computing systems intrusion/hacking, loss/theft of a PC (laptop or desktop), loss/theft of printed materials, etc.) to the Customer Information, that either compromises or in EVERTEC’s reasonable judgment may have compromised the Customer Information, EVERTEC shall report such incident within forty-eight (48) hours in writing to COMPANY, BPPR, or one of their respective Subsidiaries, as applicable, and describe in reasonable detail the circumstances surrounding such unauthorized access (including, without limitation, a description of the causes of such breach). Any report under this Section shall include a brief summary of the steps being taken by EVERTEC to remedy such breach. Except as may be strictly required by Legal Requirements, EVERTEC agrees that it will not inform any Third Party of any such security breach without Popular’s, or its applicable Affiliate’s, prior written consent; however, if such disclosure is required by Legal Requirements, EVERTEC agrees to reasonably cooperate with COMPANY, BPPR, and their respective Subsidiaries regarding the content of such disclosure so as to minimize any potential adverse impact upon COMPANY, BPPR, and their respective Subsidiaries and their clients and customers.