Telecommunications System definition

Telecommunications System means a system for conveying visual images, sounds or other information by electronic means;
Telecommunications System means a system for the conveyance through the agency of electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, electrochemical, electromechanical or light energy of—
Telecommunications System means a system that provides telecommunications services.

Examples of Telecommunications System in a sentence

  • FT Federal Telecommunications System (FTS)Use to indicate the FSN.

  • As to any such record drawings and maps so provided, Franchisee does not warrant the accuracy thereof and to the extent the location of the Telecommunications System is shown, such Telecommunications System is shown in its approximate location.

  • Public available services such as UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) will be provided by telecommunication companies soon.

  • For example, DHS personnel do not currently access CDLIS or Its law enforcement agents obtain access to State driver's license information using National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System and commercial data sources.

  • Utilize TLETS II (Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System) systems for person, vehicle, article, gun and boat inquiries, entries, modifications and/or wanted or stolen confirmations.

More Definitions of Telecommunications System

Telecommunications System or “system” means all conduits, manholes, poles, antennas, transceivers, amplifiers and all other electronic devices, equipment, wire and appurtenances owned, leased, or used by a provider, located in the rights-of-way and utilized in the provision of services, including fully digital or analog, voice, data and video imaging and other enhanced telecommunications services.
Telecommunications System means a telephone, long distance, internet, data services, video and satellite services, wireless telecommunications, telephone directories, fiber and cable leasing, telecommunications equipment, including hand sets, rental, leasing, installation, selling or maintenance system or business and shall include a microwave system or a paging system operated in connection with (and in the same general service area as) any of the foregoing systems, and businesses related thereto.
Telecommunications System means the Facilities necessary or convenient for a telecommunications carrier to provide Telecommunications Service.
Telecommunications System means all wires, cables, ducts, conduits, vaults, poles, towers, antenna, and other necessary Facilities owned or used by Fatbeam for the purpose of providing Telecommunications Services and located in, under and above the City streets and/or rights-of- way, excluding ducts, conduits and vaults leased from another City franchisee, licensee or permittee.
Telecommunications System means systems, services or components that:
Telecommunications System means Telepak’s Facilities, consisting of a set of closed transmission fiber optic paths and associated signal generation, reception, and control equipment or other communication equipment that is designed to provide Services to Subscribers.
Telecommunications System or “System” means those Facilities necessary for Company to provide Telecommunications Service.