TREE MAINTENANCE. Network Provider shall comply with the City’s Public Right-of-Way Management Ordinance and Design Manual concerning tree maintenance.
TREE MAINTENANCE. A. Trees shall be pruned as needed to remove broken or diseased branches, or for traffic and pedestrian safety. Sidewalk clearance will be eight feet and vehicular clearance fourteen feet from grade. Any broken, structurally unsound or detached limb is considered a hazard. Suckers will be removed as they appear.
TREE MAINTENANCE. Licensee, its contractors, agents and sublicensees, if any, shall obtain written permission from the City before trimming trees hanging over or near its Licensee Poles or Small Wireless Facilities. When directed by the City, Licensee shall trim under the supervision and direction of the applicable City personnel. The City shall not be liable for any damages, injuries, or claims arising from Licensee trimming trees.
TREE MAINTENANCE. OCPPA shall provide whatever necessary care is required on the newly planted trees to promote healthy, well shaped trees.
TREE MAINTENANCE. The Developer shall prune street trees for a minimum of nine-years in three 3-year cycles. As part of the Developers Annual Reporting Obligations, the Developer shall submit evidence of tree pruning in Years 1, 3, 6, and 9, from the effective date of the Development Agreement. Evidence shall be provided in the form of before/after pictures and vendor/landscaper contracts specifically addressing the areas mentioned above.
TREE MAINTENANCE. All trees planted or preserved in accordance with this approval with the exception of City street trees shall be trimmed and maintained per guidelines established and approved by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Any pruning of the trees, other than light pruning of no more than 25 percent of the foliage within any one growing season, requires review and approval of a Tree Modification Permit prior to the commencement of the work.
TREE MAINTENANCE. (g) to maintain the existing treed area(s) in accordance with the approved Tree Preservation/Enhancement Plan. Any future cutting of trees which have been identified for preservation on the approved Landscape Plan will require either a further plan or study, as determined and approved by the City's Manager of Development Review. Such study shall detail the impact of tree removals on the trees to remain. INTERNAL GARBAGE STORAGE MAINTENANCE
TREE MAINTENANCE. (1) The Foundation shall maintain, enhance and expand existing planting areas for flowers, flowering shrubs, and trees, at strategic locations throughout the Premises, such as the entrances to the Premises, around the clubhouses, along the Premises’ perimeter, and at the tee boxes.
TREE MAINTENANCE. The Contractor shall provide proper watering of all trees, where water is available, whether done by automated irrigation systems or manually with the use of hoses. Trees shall be maintained in an erect, upright manner and shall be staked as necessary to maintain this position. Pruning and trimming of trees shall be limited to removal and disposal of any dead and/or broken branches and any sucker growth located in or on the tree. Tree limbs and branches must not hang lower than twelve (12) feet over sidewalks, streets or parking areas. The Contractor shall remove or loosen any and all tree stakes and/or ties whenever damage to the trunk is being caused by girdling. Leaves from trees within landscape shrub areas are to be completely removed following annual leaf drop, no later than the end of January. Specific attention is to be given to clearing leaves piled around shrub crowns.


Property Maintenance Borrower shall: