Circulation Sample Clauses

Circulation. Of pool water is controlled by an electrically driven centrifugal pump. This pump picks up the water from the balance tank, passes it through the filters and back into the pool.
Circulation. Schedule 3.20 sets forth the paid circulation of each of the Publications as of the most recent date reported by the Audit Bureau of Circulation and as of the most recent date reported in the Publisher's Unaudited Statement to the Audit Bureau of Circulation. There has been no material decline in paid circulation for the Publications since the most recent date reported in the Publisher's Unaudited Statement to the Audit Bureau of Circulation.
Circulation. The paid circulation of the Newspaper reported in the Audit Bureau of Circulations Reports for the 26 weeks ended September 24, 2006 and for the 27 weeks ended April 1, 2007 and the Newspaper’s publisher’s statements (as set forth on Schedule 3.18 hereto) are true and correct.
Circulation. 8.1. Access to the contents of retained journals will be through electronic or paper duplication, or on- site access to specified items at the contributing library’s discretion.
Circulation. Bidders must submit formal documentation to verify their newspaper’s circulation per calendar week in San Francisco. To verify its circulation in San Francisco, bidder may submit one or all of the following reports: circulation audit report, most recent prior to bid opening date postage receipts or records of mailed copies copies of any formal documentation that can substantiate the number of newspapers circulated or mailed in San Francisco. The reports should cover a period of established and verified circulation of at least six months. Failure to provide the information requested above may result in rejection of bids.
Circulation. Immediate access to the event floor by spectators will be limited to event level suite-holders, concert seating and exhibition attendees. The concourses will facilitate the orderly and convenient circulation of capacity crowds. The concourse will provide queuing space for lines without restricting pedestrian movement. Concourse signage will provide clear, concise directional information. Entry Atrium Lobbies There will be two main public entrances located on the southeast and southwest sides of the arena. Each entry lobby is connected to a linear atrium south of the historic superstructure roof. The ticket office will be located adjacent to the southwest entrance, with a weather protected vestibule large enough for circulation and queuing for ticket purchase prior to each event. One entry point/turnstile will be provided for every 1,000 spectators. Concourses The main concourse will have approximately 24 to 28 feet clear width to facilitate spectator circulation. Concession stands, novelty stands, and restroom entrances will be located so that queuing will not conflict with concourse traffic. The height of the main concourse will be sufficient to convey an overall sense of spaciousness and high quality. Formatted: Keep with next Suite Corridor An exclusive corridor will provide access to the private suites that are located on a separate, private level. Access to this corridor is controlled through the strategic location of elevators, escalators and stairs. A higher level of finish will be specified for this corridor. Service Corridor A service corridor, minimum 12' wide, will circle the event level, providing access to locker rooms and other back-of-house spaces. Locker rooms and media support spaces will be loaded onto one portion of the service corridor, creating a “talent corridor.” Star dressing rooms will be accessed by a private, secure corridor. Vertical Circulation DRAFT Stairs are distributed throughout the facility. All stairs will conform to the applicable code requirements for egress widths, exit distances, etc. There will be four elevators accessing all levels of the Arena. Areas of Refuge will be provided as required.
Circulation. To the Knowledge of Seller, the circulation for each of the Newspapers if and as reported by the Audit Bureau of Circulations for each of the 52-week periods ended December 31, 2011 and March 31, 2012 is true and correct in all material respects. All of the information supplied by Seller to the Audit Bureau of Circulations in connection with the foregoing reported circulation is true and correct in all material respects.
Circulation. 16.1 Please ensure that copies of this Circular are provided to all members of the Vocational Education Committee/ Education and Training Board and that its contents are brought to the attention of all staff other than teachers and SNAs in your employment including those on leave of absence.
Circulation. In Erie County, climate consideration must be given to provide temperature controlled environments as part of the New Stadium vertical and horizontal systems. In addition, where overhangs exist from overhead level floor footprints or other construction, radiant heat can be incorporated into the exposed structure above the concourse areas to help provide improved fan experience in inclement weather and a shelter area for fans. The New Stadium design will need to create transition zones from exposed to controlled environments with appropriate slip resistance and other similar finishes to allow for efficient operations and maintenance. The character and design features will be climate-appropriate and the main horizontal circulation arteries and pathways will vary widely depending on the nature of the final design. The New Stadium will include various types of vertical circulation elements for an open air stadium, comparable to recent first class, modern NFL stadiums, and may include ramps, stairs, elevators, and escalators. Final component types, quantities, placement, and distribution will vary based on the final design. Program Summaries for Illustrative Purposes: Square Footage Summary Stadium Ancillary Seating Bowl 340,000 Concourse and Services 740,000 Foodservice 120,000 Event / Loading Facilities 33,200 Team Facilities 32,000 Media Facilities 20,000 5,000 Operations Facilities 25,000 30,000 MEP / AV 40,500 40,000 TOTAL 1,350,700 75,000 Level Summary Stadium Ancillary Event Level 120,000 Main Concourse 290,000 Club Xxxxx 000,000 Xxxxx Xxxxx(x) 000,000 Upper Concourse 233,000 Subtotal 1,003,000 Bowl Summary Lower Bowl 145,200 Club Level 52,500 Upper Bowl 150,000 Subtotal 347,700 Ancillary Building 75,000
Circulation. Electric mobility vehicle circulation is permitted only on the main entrance level, unless otherwise specified by the lessor.